BYO Coffee Cups

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BYO Coffee Cups

Allira Eats – That Chick from Grub Guide

Plastic Free July is upon us and with the recent show war on waste creating a huge buzz around Australia, I have jumped on board to reduce my use of One use plastic.

For me, it is all about making small incremental changes like bringing my own coffee cup to a café, taking a reusable drink bottle everywhere with me and saying no to plastic straws!

Because up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t realise takeaway cups aren’t recycled… well let me say this again, the cup itself is lined on the inside with a plastic film which does make it really difficult to recycle.

And the scary part is a lot of the takeaway cups do end up in places where they don’t need to be like in our oceans.

So I am pretty much pledging with you to BYO coffee cup for your next café visit. Most cafes around town are offering 50c off your warm cuppa…BONUS!

I am currently gathering a list together of cafes around town that are participating so keep your eye out across my Instagram page.

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