By the Meadow

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By the Meadow

Boutique festivals are all the rage, but when they combine good times, great music and happy memories so well, we’ve got no problems at all. One of the newer festivals on the scene is By the Meadown, located in the lovely regional Victorian town of Bambra. We had a chat to Cameron Wade (one of the brothers behind the festival) on how BTM came about and how you can get about it.

How did BTM first come about? 

By The Meadow was originally a 21st Birthday party. At 21 years of age I was obsessed with the ultimate freedom that music festivals provided and thought there was just no better way of putting on a party. The following year my brother Jonathon hit 21 and we went for round two. After that we’d ran out of birthdays, but had absolutely no intention of stopping so it got its public debut shortly afterward. Now into our third year open to the public it’s really rapidly, but totally organically, grown. It’s sometimes hard to slow down the growth when both the artists and the punters seem to be so enthusiastically willing it forward.

Before you started the festival, were you a long-time festival goer yourself, where were some of your favourite spots to go? 

As a team of five running this event, I’d say our festival experience is expert level – we’ve been to a lot! And for favourites, I don’t think we could go past Meredith or Golden Plains – the originals and probably still the best?

What’s the vibe like at BTM?

SO.DAMN.CHILL. Or so we’ve been told. Maybe it’s something to do with the lovely Bambra landscape and the super calm community. I don’t think anyone could feel anything other than relaxed when hanging out in this part of the world.

 Describe your ideal festival goer:   

Friendly, fun, can dance, loves drinking beer from a can.

The Perfect Day at By the Meadow:

-Get in early, get your campground set up and meet your neighbours.
-First act kicks off just after  11am, so get down to the amphitheatre to see things fire up.
-Unfold your favourite camping chair, crack a can of something delicious and unwind.
-Get involved in the long hard Bambra Bowl Hill Climb – an uphill sprint that will show you that you’re not as fit as you used to be.
-Watch the sun set over the Otway Hinterlands from the top of the campground.
-Head over to one of three pop-up restaurants run by some killer local restaurateurs and enjoy some steaming hot Malay curry, Southern smokey brisket roll or wood-fired pizza.
-Swing by the poolside themed bar and try some local beers, wines or a “Welcome to the Country”. Don’t ask, just try it.
-Get down front and centre and party ’til  4am  with some of the best up and coming acts that Victoria has to offer.

When & Where: Bambra – April 2 & 3