B*Witched: Back for a performance of pop nostalgia

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B*Witched: Back for a performance of pop nostalgia

With the death of so many music icons we’ve been taken back to the 80’s time after time recently, but what about the 90’s? When Trump in the White House was only a Simpsons episode and you had to wait all night with your hand poised over the record button to tape your favourite Radiohead song, and people gazed into each other’s eyes (remember these prolonged tortured looks on Dawson’s Creek?) instead of staring at their screens.

If you miss everything I’ve just mentioned, you’re in luck, because five of the most loved groups of that decade are heading Down Under for a live concert spectacular. All the way from the Emerald Isle ‘C’est la Vie’ hit-makers B*Witched will headline the show and they’ll be joined by UK popstars Atomic Kitten, S Club 3, East 17 and Liberty X.

Forté sat down with Keavy Lynch of B*witched to find out what prompted the reunion, who can’t make it and why they’re planning a huge ladies night with a few guys mixed in for good measure.

“Believe it or not, in the 90’s there wasn’t very much time to be friends. It sounds mad,” she smiles, “but we never spent a lot of time together in the same place. We would just pass each other in the hallways at a television studio or after doing a radio spot, but that was about it, we were so busy.

“Then we did The Big Reunion which was the TV show on ITV a few of years ago and that got a lot of us back together. Liberty X and Atomic Kitten were on it and we actually got to socialise with the girls and get to know them as people,” Lynch says. “So it’s going to be really nice going on tour with them this time because we’re all really good friends. We’ve been saying to each other, ‘Yeah, girls on tour!’ Even though there’s a few boys – so it’s like ladies night with a few special guests,” she laughs.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive with promoters planning a second show in Sydney after the first one sold-out in record time.

However, bad news filtered out of the B*Witched camp last week when one of the four founding members Lindsay Armaou announced she won’t be a part of the tour. “We’re all really sorry this is happening, she’s absolutely gutted,” Lynch admits. “We’re all gutted too, but at the same time we’re really pleased to be able to still do the show. All the dances have been re-jigged without Lindsay, so everything is prepared as a three, and it will still be an amazing show.”

Last year B*Witched released C’est la Vie – The Collection, a 36-track double album, featuring tracks from their first two albums, and two tracks from their 2014 Champagne or Guinness EP that was the result of a hugely successful PledgeMusic campaign.

Lynch says they plan to get back into the recording studio on their return to Ireland after the tour. “We’re really lucky and I’m so grateful to be able to come back to Australia, and not only be on-stage playing our old stuff, but to be able to write new music as well because we’re all musicians and keen song-writers. We cannot believe that all these years later you still have a place for us in your lives and your hearts.”

When & Where: Festival Hall, Melbourne – February 9

Written by Natalie Rogers