Buxom Blues Quartet

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Buxom Blues Quartet

Buxom Blues Quartet [BBQ] have released their first CD, and it’s well worth a listen. BBQ are Ethan Farmer (guitar), Lenny Keys (on keys, of course), Kayleen Gibbons (vocals) and Steve
Minotuli (drums). This line-up includes a wealth of talent and experience and they are quite well
known in the Geelong blues scene and attracting wider interest. If Ethan doesn’t end up in Memphis
at the International Blues Challenge, I’ll be very surprised.

Like many debut CDs, this has been self-published using the talents of Pepe Minotuli at Don’t Poke
the Bear, so you may have to track down a BBQ gig to find a copy, but persevere. Keep an eye on
Pistol Pete’s or Sleepy Hollow.

The CDs is an EP, with only five tracks, contains both classic blues and new material. ‘Flip Flop and Fly’ is an old favourite, as is ‘Rock Me Baby’. Kay shows her writing talent with ‘Baby, I know’ and
‘Strung Out on These Blues’. The CD finishes with a trip back to the 1920s and a Porter Grainger and Everett Robbins song ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business’, one of the first blues standards, notably recorded by Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday. This is an excellent first release, and I’ll be looking forward to their next.


Reviewed by John ‘Dr John’ Lamp