Bush: Black and White Rainbows

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Bush: Black and White Rainbows

Everyone remembers that seminal 90’s anthem ‘Glycerine’ right? Well it was a big deal for UK band Bush. Fast forward on 23 years and Bush are about to release their brand new album Black and White Rainbows. Most recently, lead singer Gavin Rossdale has been working hard as a coach on the UK’s version of The Voice, but now he’s about to step things up with the new album.

Opener ‘Mad Love’ sounds a little bit Kings of Leon jangly rock around the time of their ‘Sex On Fire’ hit, but we all know that catchy choruses are the best. ‘Peace-S’ sounds like a band that has really hit the mark with their illusive return. Jingly synth arrangements ride out in the background, whilst the chorus is bound to get stuck in your head by the second run through. This is Bush’s first album in three years and throughout their career they have always brought it to their studio albums.

The ebbs and flows of this record is what makes it unique to your ear. ‘Water’ sounds like it could fit easily on the US Tv drama where the episode is coming to a suspenseful climax. Writing and recorded in LA, Black and White Rainbows is an album full of lush soundscapes and catchy melodies.

3.5/5 Stars

Caroline Australia
Reviewed by Tex Miller