Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival: Heart and Soul of the Town

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Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival: Heart and Soul of the Town

Tucked away in East Victoria is the grooviest little festival you’ve (probably) never heard of. Bruthen Blues is a small country town bash. There’s nothing but that loving festival feeling here. Think kicking back by the Tambo River, blues tunes floating in the summer air, cold beverages, good vibes a rollin’, friendly people sharing the festival high.

Under sun and moon, the blues will be calling. Headline acts are blues superstars Charlie A’Court, Claude Hay, Genevieve Chadwick, Chris Wilson and Geoff Achison. There is blues to speak to any soul with every available venue across Bruthen putting on legendary local and international blues artists. You can dance the night away at the Big Blues Bash in the pub, or chill out at the blues café in the hall. Munch on food from the bustling market, kick back in the gardens to watch music all day or stretch your legs and join the Walk Your Blues Away session.

The weekend is brimming with shenanigans, the street parade, duck race and Sunday Recovery session to name a few. All weekend there are buskers and workshops and laughter that starts from your belly.

Henry Davis is the guitarist and vocalist from The Davis Brothers. He’s played at the festival’s Friday night jam for as long as he can remember. “This blues festival, it’s unique. Music gets made here. Musicians inspire each other and spark off each other. At the Friday night jam it’s electric. Music and ideas are everywhere, the next minute you are playing with someone else and you don’t know where the music will go,” he says.


With green hills rollicking all around, the tiny town of Bruthen is a natural amphitheater. Blues catches in the breeze and hums through the summer air. There is something magic about blues and this rural town. They are a duet with a perfect harmony. There is blues history here. You can feel it. You breath in blues ghosts and festival memories with the earthy country air. And passion. Walk up to any local and mention the blues and their eyes light up. You can see it in their faces, the way they talk with their hands, the warmth in their voices. An instant intoxicating excitement. This is more than a gig. The Bruthen Blues Festival is the town’s heart and soul.

If you want to be a part of music history, check out the website or find the festival on Facebook, and definitely rock up in Bruthen for the Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival February 16-18 2018.