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Kieran Nolan is in his mid 20’s, he’s grown up in Geelong doing the usual stuff, like playing footy and going to Uni, however after a chance encounter with a print screening opportunity he decided to create some of his own labelled clothing.
When it came time to come up with a label name, he did what many of us have done before, “I  googled ‘words I wouldn’t know the meaning of’ and ‘BROODING’ was the first word I saw,” Keiran says.
With the name ‘Brood’ decided upon, a term with multiple meanings for those playing at home, he cleverly and effectively reversed the letter ‘R’ and his label was born.
“I started by making a few tees that I designed, and wanted for myself, and people began to ask where I got them. So I thought I would print a few up and distribute to friends and family,” he said.
“Once I sold a few more I approached Navaho clothing store on Pakington street and Sally agreed to stock a few to see how they go. A small amount sold in a matter of days. So from there I have designed and produced five designs in T-shirts, caps and long sleeve tees with a winter range almost ready to hit the shelves.”
If you headed along to any music festivals or hit up the Surfcoast over the summer, chances are you would have spotted a ‘BROOD’ singlet or two, after the designs all sold out in a flash. Kieran is currently juggling his classes at Deakin University – where he studies finance – with his print and design work for Brood as well as the occasional game of footy for his beloved St Joeys FC. With big winter plans ahead he has been busy preparing hoodies, beanies and socks for stock.
While Brood clothing is largely focused on the guys, items are unisex and can be found exclusively at Navaho (Shop 2/118 Pakington Street, Geelong West) or online at
Special offer for 40% off any orders online in the use the code ‘forte’ at the check out.
Written by Abbey King