Brisbane's Rebel Yell teases new album with absolute bangers

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Brisbane's Rebel Yell teases new album with absolute bangers

One of the heaviest, demonic and elegant artists in Brisbane, Rebel Yell is producing some of the most mesmerizing and brooding bangers there is… and will be releasing her long-awaited debut album Hired Muscle on June 22 via Rice Is Nice.
Fearlessly pushing the boundaries of Australia’s club scene, she truly is a powerful megahex of techno, industrial and haunting beats, that are guaranteed to possess the upstairs dance floor of our very own Home House on a Saturday night, with her heavy bass lines and hypnotic mechanical rhythms.
Steaming out of underground electro-pop outfit 100%, Rebel Yell is Grace Stevenson’s solo project which has been captivating crowds and critics since the release of her debut EP Mother of Millions (2016). She is rapidly gaining reputation as one of the most daring, ground-breaking and promising electronic acts in Australia.
As one to deliver a unique brooding track time after time again, she’s already released singles ‘Pressure Drop’ and ‘Stains’, both lifted from the upcoming album.
‘Pressure Drop’ is as heavy a techno number as you’d expect from her. Summoning a unique and dark style of electronic dance music, she creates a track about experiencing the night and dancing, featuring a deep and reverberating male vocal over a pulsing techno beat. It’s the compulsive power of repetition that drives this song, with regular beeps and synths paving the way to an epic high.
Then there’s ‘Stains’, a collaboration between Rebel Yell and Gussy. Gussy has contributed her vocals and its a masterpiece and a half. Her music is described with emotion and complexity, “Rebel Yell is as stylish as it is terrifying. It’ll put you in fear of your life, but in the process, it will really make you move.” Stains is haunting, moving and simply beautiful. It will be hard to remove the stains it leaves on your soul. Check it out here.
If these two tracks are anything to go by, the album will be an absolute treat!!
Check out the album teaser below! It’s equally intriguing as it is haunting…

Photo by Ella Maximillion