Brisbane's Port Royal are heading to Geelong

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Brisbane's Port Royal are heading to Geelong

Place your heart in the hands of Port Royal. The Brisbane band hits the road this month in support of EP Love, Passion, Satisfaction, and one venue on the receiving end of their love is Geelong’s Workers Club on September 21. Influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, the EP is “good time vibe of the ’60s, moulded to the rhythm, energy and attitude of the ’70s rock & roll revolution”.
We chat to the Port Royal boys ahead of the show.
I may be mistaken, but this is Port Royals first time in Geelong? What can the locals expect at a Port Royal show?
This is our first time in Geelong and we can’t wait to soak it up. Everything I’ve heard about Geelong seems to be positive. Lots of energy, lots of attitude and lots of character is what you can expect. The Port Royal show should get the blood flowing most importantly and get your in the mood for something exciting, something new. Plenty of smooth licks, soaring melodies and dirty breakdowns to get your feet moving.
Is this your biggest tour to this point? Any crazy stories from previous shows/tours?
Yes indeed, 20 dates on this one makes it our biggest yet. The shows keep getting better but the endurance in paramount. Lots of crazy stories, a few of them up north, few of them down south. Most recently we had a punch-up break out between two idiots at our show in Sydney, they ended up on the stage brawling whilst we were mid song – that was pretty fun to break up before the security got involved HA! Went through a couple of floorbeds at a motel up north too; all by accident of course, during a friendly bedroom wrestle.
Who might like Port Royal?
Anybody who listens to or sees a band and loves the feeling of being uplifted and/or empowered. It’s also very danceable music, pop music minus the bullshit so to speak. People music talking about people matters, made for people.
How has the reaction the recently released “Love Passion Satisfaction” album been received?
Yeah it seems to be proving our biggest release yet. We’re kicking some serious goals with radio play and it seems the Australian industry as a whole is taking notice. This is a bit of a stable landmark of tunes that have shaped the band over the past 12 months. We’re not slowing down anytime soon, I think this release is a really strong rock & roll record, but the best is yet to come.
Thanks for your time, all the best for the tour? Last words?
Believe in yourself, believe in the power of music, and most importantly don’t stop believing in the bigger picture – life is what you make of it HA! Go see a local band.
They Port Royal fellas will be joining The Velvet Addiction for their 2nd birthday at The Workers Geelong on September 21.
In the meantime, check out their sweet video for their track ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’; an ironic take on the current state of the Rock & Roll genre worldwide. Killer!