Bring back the positive vibes with this new online hub for crystal-infused products

Bring back the positive vibes with this new online hub for crystal-infused products

The crystal candles will have everyone feeling zen.

Anyone whose self-care routine involves a good crystal facial roller and lit candle will love this new business: Dripped Out Crystals.

Designed and made in Geelong, the small business came to fruition after music manager Charlene Zahra was locked down at home with a baby on the way and no work due to the state of the music industry at the height of the pandemic.

In a bid to stay productive within the confines of her four walls, Charlene embraced her love of crystals and meditation and created a business that provided people with an element of self-care, refreshing both mind and body.

“There was lockdown, I was pregnant and bored out of my brains,” Charlene explains.

“I like to keep productive. Our other business is in the music industry so I couldn’t do a whole lot with that at that point in time. I have always loved Crystals, Meditation and anything self-love really, I thought it would be something great to bring to people in the middle of a stressful situation, something to remind them to take this time to heal and recharge.”

Based around crystal healing and meditation, the centuries-old practices revered for encouraging positive energy and well-being, Dripped Out Crystals is a business that combines the two, creating a range of undeniably chic crystal products that provide all your heading and zen needs.

“Healing crystals allow a way for your body to release all the negative energy and refuel with the positive energy,” Charlene explains. “I personally believe it’s really about taking the time for yourself and really connecting with and taking the time with your crystals to allow them to work.

“Essentially the only way they will work is if you allow them to.”

While it’s believed that crystals have been used in healing for around 6,000 years, dating back to Sumerians and ancient Egyptians, the use of crystal healing relates more to the Buddhist and Hindu understanding of our ‘chakras’ (the energy centres in our body).

Creating an online hub of positive vibes for our chakras, you’ll find a plethora of hand-crafted goodies via Charlene’s site to bring a little light into your life including crystals, jewellery, bath bombs (with surprise crystals inside), soy wax melts, bath salts, room spray, and whipped soap, with more products set to be released in coming weeks.

A highlight of the range is Charlene’s crystal-infused soy candles that pair the power of crystal energy with the therapeutic benefits of fragrance oils to enhance any relaxing routine.

Hand-poured with natural, vegetable-based soy wax, topped with crystals and infused with a scent designed to soothe, the crystal-infused candles aim to create or bring in different energies while burning, dependent on which crystal is used.

Amethyst is a calming and soothing crystal, working on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes to promote calmness, balance and peace. Green Adventurine is a positive stone of prosperity and encourages perseverance, compassion and empathy. Rose Quartz opens your heart to unconditional love, self-love, friendship, kindness and feelings of peace. Lastly, the Black Onyx is grounding and protective, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance.

So, depending on what vibe you’d like to create in your home, you can burn your candle accordingly.

If you’re not so into crystal healing, simply light the crystal-infused candle whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and let it help remind you to take a breath and step back for a moment, while enjoying the delicious scent of either black raspberry and vanilla, fruit loops, or eucalyptus.

If you are an Astro fan, light your candle, set an intention and allow yourself to meditate on it.

If you’d prefer something that you can have on you regularly, Dripped Out Crystals also has the aforementioned range of bracelets and pendants to help you regain balance and manifest progress at any time, as well as a bunch of healing crystals to place around your home. Not only great to cleanse bad vibes, but crystals in the home also help lift them up to create high-vibe crystal heaven.

As you know, when it comes to crystals, there’s something for every need, whether it’s emotional support, confidence, or overall vitality. For beginners, it can be incredibly overwhelming to know where to start. They say you should trust your gut when looking for a crystal, and Charlene also recommends so do lots of research and equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to get started with your new energy tools.

“There is a huge range of crystals out there so my best advice is to do your research and find the best crystals to suit what you’re wanting and needing. For example, if your feeling really down with a lot of negative thoughts, you should probably grab yourself some Black Tourmaline and pop it in your room whilst you sleep at night, as Black Tourmaline will soak up those negative dreams and thoughts. Just don’t forget to cleanse your crystals regularly, as they will be withholding that negativity over time.

“All of our crystals come with meaning cards upon purchase for you to understand what they are best for.”

Good vibes come at us.

You can shop the full range here.