Bridget Sharp makes her debut with euphoric pop-empowerment anthem, ‘Overgrown’

Bridget Sharp makes her debut with euphoric pop-empowerment anthem, ‘Overgrown’

Australia's answer to Maggie Rogers, Bridget Sharp comes into her own with her debut single.

Having stormed the Melbourne music scene as the frontwoman of art-rock fusion band Dandecat, as well as performing alongside renowned acts such as Eliott, SANNIA, Taylor Piggot and ALLIPHA, Geelong indie-pop songstress Bridget Sharp has unleashed her solo venture into the world with debut single, ‘Overgrown’.

Blending weightless melodies with meaningful, arresting emotion, launching a sound that is entirely her own, ‘Overgrown’ opens up a new chapter in Sharp’s already impressive career, officially ushering in her arrival as a soft pop phenomenon.

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Reminiscent of Maggie Rogers, and channelling a melting pot of influences like Allysha Joy, Emma Louis, Brittany Howard and Matt Corby, ‘Overgrown’ delves into a world of musical euphoria; combining honest, raw lyrics with equally relatable and homely melodies that are destined to imprint on audiences far and wide.

Captivating listeners with her authenticity and individuality, ‘Overgrown’ is a stunning combination of soulful and raw lyricism and pop sensibility, tinged with sunkissed synths, homely melodies and natural vibrancy.

Embracing lush soundscapes and pulsing beats, the empowering and upbeat production is entirely infectious while her soothing vocals have you entranced in this dreamy state of bliss. Sharp sings with deep, gut-wrenching emotion on this track, creating a beautiful, emotive atmosphere, while the music takes us on a journey of its own.

Strewn with relevance and relatability, the single was written towards the end of 2020, amidst Victoria’s lockdowns, where our lives were dictated by the all-consuming drudgery and uncertainty of what was happening and the lonely claustrophobia of lockdown.

“This song was born over many lockdown walks and wall staring sessions – all stemming from a little hum.

“I can remember the exact moment when the “Overgrown’ chorus melody first stuck. I was on a walk with my beautiful dog Maisy (who sadly passed at the start of this year) and was forcing myself to look up, not at my feet. It just happened. The melody felt cathartic to sing, as did the dancing that came along with it. Very much a ‘take a deep breath and try and let go’ moment.”

Embracing the feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, and confusion that flooded this time in her life, Sharp’s single serves as an optimistic infusion for those feeling a little hopeless, offering an important reminder to acknowledge the struggle of the present and look on to the promise of tomorrow.

“’Overgrown’ for me mirrors exactly where I was at the time of writing it,” Sharp explains. “I was a waitress at a cafe. Every day felt repetitive. I’d stay up late just because it was the only thing I had control over. I had no clue what the future held, and I could feel the likelihood of me releasing music slimming with increasing amounts of anxiety creeping into everyday life.

“Whilst perhaps a cheesy metaphor, ‘Overgrown’ resembles how in my most clouded, untamed moments of deep self-doubt, there was always a way to seek patches of light and work towards them. No matter how dark it got, there was still hope.”

Produced by Melbourne (Naarm) magician Sam Phay (Eliott, Tia Gostelow, Tyne-James Organ) and mixed by powerhouse Peter Holz (Gang of Youths, Vance Joy, Samantha Jade), Sharp was able to morph her already well-crafted song into a satisfying union between music and lyrics, marking it out as a cut above the average viral pop hit.

“He [Sam Phay] took this song to a level I didn’t know could exist; so much so that after he sent me his work from our first session, I started crying. Whilst I went in with the vision, he morphed it into exactly what I wanted and MORE, bringing out the best in the writing.”

An emotive performer who is known for her dramatic presence, engaging audiences through her animated story-telling and vibrant persona, Sharp’s debut as a solo musician was spawned from the desire for independent songwriting.

“I wanted that challenge of being solely responsible for the writing process – something that was purely me,” she explains.

“In saying that, it definitely has come along with its challenging moments. Without that team to bounce off or ‘validate’ the creative ideas and lyrics coming out – I’ve literally second-guessed EVERYTHING. I care a lot. It’s a very big learning process, and I’ve uncovered a lot about myself on the journey (which is both rewarding and terrifying).”

Though it took a few years for Sharp to develop this sound, the wait was well and truly worth it.

“I can safely say that this project holds every ounce of me in its bones. I feel so connected to every lyric, every chordal movement, every cog in its wheel and I am already proud of what is to come.”

If anything, this single is a formal announcement: Bridget Sharp is here, and she’s here to stay.

‘Overgrown’ is out now. Bridget Sharp will launch her debut single at the John Curtin Hotel in Carlton on September 9. Tickets are on sale here.

Check the single out below and keep up to date with Bridget Sharp via her socials.