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When you’ve written songs like ‘Good Vibrations’ and possibly the greatest song in ‘God Only Knows’, what do you do with yourself? If you’re Brian Wilson, you don’t sit still that’s what. Having had such an illustrious career in The Beach Boys, in No Pier Pressure he creates some awesome tracks and it’s not what you expect by any stretch of the imagination – ‘Runaway Dancer’ is a prime example of this. Poppy electro dance is something that I’d never expect to hear Brian do. However, that is something that makes this album so great. All the preconceptions that you might have in your mind about Brian and the Beach Boys stuff is completely blown on this album.
With collaborations with the likes of She and Him and Kacey Musgraves, to name but just a few, you should check this album out. As you’d expect, it is great upbeat song writing and if you’re a Beach Boys nut, you probably have already ventured out to buy it. Love and Mercy is the new film about Brian’s musical time in the Beach Boys and so this album couldn’t come at a better time. Featuring John Cusack, the film looks fantastic so keep your eyes out for that.
A true visionary has delivered one of the best albums of 2015, and you should have it in your collection. Electro and upbeat, throw this on at dinner parties and you will be commended for your music choice.
Out now via Capitol Records
Reviewed by Tex Miller