BrewiColo Brewing Co is the newest brewery to hit the region

BrewiColo Brewing Co is the newest brewery to hit the region

If you're a regular reader of Forté you would know by now that we have a soft spot for craft beer, especially when its local.

In the theory of ‘New Year, Same Me’ we thought we’d continue our appreciation by introducing you to the newest brewery to hit the region; BrewiColo Brewing Co.

With the combined powers of local lass Kay Godfrey, and her partner Chilla, the small family owned independent craft brewing company was born from the love of beer, and the sentiment of bringing something new and refreshing to the Ocean Grove community.

Inspired by Chilla’s Fijian background, the brewery represents everything you would expect with its chill vibe, fun palm tree logo and of course delicious craft beer.

“BrewiColo is a family company and that sense of family is reflected in the name as a play on words to my own surname, Tuicolo,” says Chilla. “BrewiColo‘s story starts back in the early 2000s when I worked as a cellar man at a popular pub in Brisbane. Back then I, along with three of my good mates, had a pipe dream that we’d be owning our own bar by the time we were 30. That didn’t happen. So I thought ‘how about a beer?’”

“BrewiColo is about taking all my experiences throughout my life from the people I’ve met, to my travels, work, culture and putting it into a brew. I want to brew a beer that I can share with my friends and family, which we can all enjoy together.”

So, with a culmination of life experience poured into a beer, you can expect that these brews are worth checking out. Amongst their ever-changing brewery range, you’ll find four mainstays that is sure to please the beer aficionados out there.

First up, there’s the Palm Ale. Simplicity is the key with this brew, subtle flavours and aromas just enough to keep you interested in this beer all day. Sure, it’s a Pale Ale but it’s not over powering and you could happily drink this one all day while watching the cricket, footy or hanging at the beach.

Next, there’s the full-bodied Baravi Lager. Don’t be fooled though, this is no ordinary lager. Baravi, meaning coast in Fijian, is a malt driven full bodied Vienna Lager. With biscuit tones and a zesty finish this lager is great with just about anything, but you can’t go wrong putting one of these away when BBQing… and with Australia Day around the corner, there’s no time like the present.

Adding to their flavoursome collection, they’ve also got the Wai-koula Golden Lager which was brewed especially for the Ballarat Beer Festival 2018, and similarly their Piqi Lager, which was launched at GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest last year. If you’re a fan of a summer beer, the Piqi is our pick of the bunch. Pronounced Pinkie, meaning pink in Fijian, this one is a bright summer lager, with hints of honey and zesty tones from lime and hibiscus flower turning in a subtle pink colour.

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Now armed with an open venue brewery (which only opened late last year), beer lovers can not only enjoy a cold brew, but you can also watch their operational brewhouse while you do it. From the moment you step onto the ground floor, you’ll find yourself amongst the brewhouse, fermentation tanks and a tasting room which is open to the brew area. You can even head upstairs for a full view of the brewhouse and operations.

There’s just something about watching the creation process of the tasty amber nectar that brings us so much joy. Oh, and it’s pet and kid friendly. So round up the crew, bring your pooch and sit back and enjoy a brewi or two.

The brewery is located at 32 Marine Parade, Ocean Grove and is open Thursday and Friday 4pm-7pm, Saturdays 12pm-6pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm. Visit