Breaking Bad Trivia

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Breaking Bad Trivia

Know a thing or two about one of the biggest shows of the decade? Let’s see how much you really know.
1 – What is the medical ailment that Walt Suffers throughout the series?
2 – Before Jesse is enlisted to help Walter build his drug empire, what funny nickname did Jesse go by?
3 – During season two, Jesse develops a relationship with Jane, what is the occupation of her father?
4 – What is the catch phrase that Skyler and her workers say to people at the car wash after they pay?
5 – What South American country did drug king pin Gustavo Fring originate from?
6 – Walt was once the founding member of a company that went on to be very successful without him what was the name of the company?
7 – Saul has a ‘Guy’ he uses to make people ‘go away.. forever’. What business is the front for the service?
8 – Walt develops a corporate connection with a lady named Lydia, who sources his chemicals, what item does she always ask for when ordering her tea?
9 – In what state of America does the show take place?
10 – What was the name of the first drug distributor that accuses Walt of being a DEA agent?
Answers –
1 – Lung Cancer 2 – Cap’n Cook 3 – Air traffic controller 4 – Have an A1 day 5 – Chile 6 – Grey Matter Technology 7 – Vacuum Shop 8 – Stevia 9 – New Mexico 10 – Krazy 8