Brazilian death metallers Krisiun are coming to Geelong

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Brazilian death metallers Krisiun are coming to Geelong

Scourge of the Enthroned, Krisiun’s 11th studio album released last year, saw the Brazilian death metallers decide to head for a faster and extremely savage record. Clocking in at an intense 38 minutes, Scourge of the Enthroned is a real monster and one they’re bringing down under when they descend on their Australian tour this June. We chat to guitarist Moyses Kolesne ahead of the shows.

Hi Moyses, thanks for your time, great to have you in our pages. We can’t wait to see you at the Barwon Club.
Thank you so much brother, we can’t wait to be down under again. It’s a great honour for us to have the chance to play in Australia again.

To those totally unfamiliar with KRISIUN, describe your music in five words.
Two can describe it better – Death Metal! But if you want five, ‘Extreme South American Death Metal.

You have played some of the worlds biggest metlfests including Wacken. Do you enjoy playing to smaller audiences?
We always play wherever we get the chance and where the conditions are acceptable to make a decent show. Definitely, when you play huge festivals or huge tours it’s different; you have a much better opportunity to put out a great show but I love the feeling of small club shows too – it has more intimacy with the audience.

What are a couple of the favourite gigs you have played? And favourite songs to play?
We love to play in many places, there are so many great cities and courts we played that it’s too big to mention everyone. I don’t have favourite songs to play. We have so many records that we need to sort out what to play or not; sometimes when you keep playing the same set list it starts getting boring so we always try to make a different set list covering our discography.

Who is the oldest brother? How did it come to be that you all ended up on different instruments and play the music you do?
Alex is the oldest. He first started on drums playing with another band then I joined the band as a guitar player. When Alex wasn’t practicing, Max was playing on his drum kit. He was very young at the age of 12 years old, then Alex needed to study in another city and left Max and the drums alone. I started jamming with Max, then Alex realised Max could be a good drummer and he started to play bass guitar. We tried out a singer but it didn’t work out so Alex once again took a position left.

Brazil has a tradition of great metal bands such as Sarcofago, Expulser, Mystifier etc.. Who were your favourites growing up?
I was really into Old Sepultura, Ratos de Porão, Sarcófago, Taurus, and Dorsal Atlântica.

Do you know of many Australian Bands? What are your memories of your last tour here?
Yes, especially AC/DC. I know many bands from the Australian underground, like Destruktor, Nocturnal Graves, Martire, Hobbs’ Angel of Death, Portal, Truth Corroded, and many others.

When & Where: Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong – Thursday June 20. With supports from local bands Destruktor, Stormtide and Nemesium.