Box Office Cafe is the local-centric shipping container you have to check out

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Box Office Cafe is the local-centric shipping container you have to check out

Words by Keegan Bennett

Local wine, good food, is there anything else you could ask for?

The concept behind Box Office Café in Geelong West is simple, to showcase the best local produce as sustainably as possible. That’s why owner Mark Stawicki decided to open his café in a shipping container that he and his mates prepared themselves. What’s even better than a local business hellbent on supporting other local businesses? One that’s now open for dinner five days a week.

Key Takeaways

  • Box Office Cafe is a local-produce centred restaurant in Geelong West
  • Open from 7.30 am – Late Sundays, 7 am – 4 pm Monday and Tuesday, 7 am – Late Wednesday to Saturday

Box Office might just be the most exciting shipping container in Geelong, serving up a whole host of café classics and international-themed dishes. The menu at Box Office makes it explicitly clear exactly where your ingredients are coming from, which is not only great for local business but better for you, the diner, as you’ll know exactly what you can expect. For example, a classic egg on toast sources the eggs from Ravens Creek Farm in Moriac, and the bread from Zeally Bay Sourdough, a bakery in Torquay. Scrolling through the winelist the most exotic destination on there is Ballarat.

A carefully considered menu is one of the hallmarks of a great restaurant. Whilst it might be cheaper and easier to source ingredients from some mass-production supplier, it’s the local touch that give dishes character, and something that more places can learn from.


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One of the greatest benefits of being open late for dinner and drinks is the ability to get a café-grade coffee at any time of the day. Even for those working late, having a café open later than 3 pm is an absolute blessing, as sometimes you just need that extra hit to get you through the day.

Box Office is in a pretty trendy location too, just off Pakington Street in a car park, near 63 Degrees and Pako Fish & Grill. Open 7 days a week, from 7 am, Box Office Café is sure to suit your needs for a coffee before dropping the kids off to school or taking the dog for an early morning walk.


Check out Box Office Café at 77 Preston Street, Geelong West

You can see the menu on their website here.