Bottles and Barrels: not your average bottle-o

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Bottles and Barrels: not your average bottle-o

Situated on the picturesque Aberdeen Street and nestled in between the iconic Pakington Street and Shannon Avenue, you’ll find a wine connoisseur’s delight in the form of bottle shop turned trendy liquor haven, Bottles and Barrels.
Part owner and operator, Callum Macpherson is no stranger to the hospitality industry having managed Geelong nightspot Lambys Tavern before plying the wine trade at Lethbridge Winery, which ultimately led to an opportunity too good to pass up. His passion for his work is palpable.
“We kind of pride ourselves on our selection. There are a few bottleshops that are doing really well with craft beer and things like that. It’s an exciting time,” he says.
Bottles and Barrels conforms with its 100-year old roots and fully functioning bottle shop, coupled with its status as a walk-in alcohol store, featuring some of the finest selections in the city. Having recently opened a café section in the store, Callum is excited by the new developments soon to come.
“We are opening a provedore area in the building to sell some grocery items and hold some workshops where you can make your own salami and things like that” he says. “We’ll sell ready to go hampers, or you can order a specific amount of produce. It will be like an old-school grocer vibe.”
Bottles and Barrels has been continuously commended within the Geelong region since its unveiling, with the store’s standing ingrained by its support from local businesses and residents. It is an area that Callum sees enormous potential.
“This is a really unique area. We obviously have Geelong West and Newtown, and while we are off the beaten track in regards to Pakington Street and Shannon Avenue, we are on a major road,” he says. “It’s the traffic and foot-traffic that supports our business exposure. But it’s also the community around here getting right behind you.”
Though Bottles and Barrels is an ode to European grocers, Callum is staunch in his support of his hometown.
“We want to help support local producers. There will be a lot of European influence, but there are lots of great local cheese makers from Drysdale, Meredith and even down in the Otways.”
With the café boom really influencing the area in recent times, Bottles and Barrels is a breath of fresh air for Geelong. But even with the drive through, café, incoming provedore and a beer and wine selection bursting at the seams – Callum still isn’t slowing down.
“We have a lot of plans. With the provedore we are going to set up something of a membership program where you can order online and that would branch out into wine in the future and work it into the rest of the business.” Sign us up!
Bottles and Barrels is located at 132 Aberdeen St, Geelong West and is open Mon – Sat 8am – 3pm and Sunday 8am – 2pm.
Written by Daniel Jubb