Boo Seeka performing at Grassroots Victorian music festival mainstay The Hills Are Alive

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Boo Seeka performing at Grassroots Victorian music festival mainstay The Hills Are Alive

Think about how daunting jumping into any new profession with a lack of experience can be… Now imagine being in Boo Seeka, the indie electro duo who went from forming a band to being out on the road within three weeks.
“I hadn’t played drums or keys when we started this band, I’d only ever played guitar so I kind of had to pick all of that up on the spot,” laughs Sam Croft. “I hadn’t even used samplers or anything, so that was the first piece of gear I bought, an old MCC Sampler and that was my live setup for our first ever show, just a sampler and one keyboard.”
This vastly differentiates itself from Sam’s current stage setup, which has been accurately described as a “Bermuda Triangle of electronic equipment.” Learning as they go, the lads in Boo Seeka quickly made a name for themselves as an enigmatic live act due to their incorporation of soulful vocals and trip-hop melodies.
“It is very important for both Ben and I to be learning as much as we can, that’s what anyone else in any band should do,” he explains.
“We don’t want to have any restrictions or limitations on our creativity or capabilities. The more that we can do and get our head around makes things a lot more open for us. Sometimes we will be in the studio and Ben will be on a keyboard or a synthesiser, things that he has no idea how to use, but he will still come up with some really nice melodies and vice versa for me with the guitar.”
The result of this collaborative nature between the two-piece has been noticeable, with the group’s first album, Never Too Soon, becoming a staple for triple j and helping to sell-out a whopping 26 date Australian tour.
“We didn’t really know what to expect,” remarks Sam. “We had only started as a band a few months before we started working on the album and we had changed so much as people and as musicians over those two and a half years. It’s not as if there was a lack of synchronisation on the record, but, it was more so we just had no idea what to expect because we were putting so many different aspects of ourselves and our style onto that album. It’s a style that I still feel as if we are creating and expanding so recording was a bit of a whirlwind.”
Taking no time off, Boo Seeka have already busily been in the studio expanding their sound for a follow up release. With new music in the works, Sam also mentioned that Boo Seeka have been in the studio with another Australian act, but unfortunately he could only offer up a clue as to who the artist may be.
“I’ll give you a really cryptic one; what do you eat when you’re hungry?” If anyone figures out this clue, please contact Forte immediately.
When & Where: The Hills Are Alive @ The Farm – 10 mins from Loch Village | 20 mins from Wonthaggi | 95 mins from Melbourne – Friday 23 March to Sunday 25 March.
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Written by Alex Callan
Image sourced via Boo Seeka socials