Bones and Jones’ new album ‘Love You’ is a refreshing change-up from the much-loved outfit

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Bones and Jones’ new album ‘Love You’ is a refreshing change-up from the much-loved outfit

Words By Alex Callan

New album 'Love You' is out June 23 via Bonsai Records.

Bones and Jones have been onto a pretty winning formula since day dot, so if they never changed their style and just continued to rehash the bluesy folk-rock stylings of their first few releases, we wouldn’t even be mad— we’d be stoked. 

But lucky for us, the Bellarine-based outfit wanted to offer up something new with their newest release Love You, migrating into a world of psychedelic synth tones, lap steel harmonics and swaggering rock and roll riffs. 

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Essentially, the band are heading in the direction that so many of us were hoping for after the group dropped ‘Reckless’ and we are here for it. 

Arriving as the first of many surprises, opener ‘Oh Day’ sees the group’s vocalist Jasper Jolley adopt a hazy, subdued nature to his delivery, imbuing dreamlike qualities akin to the likes of Sufjan Stevens or Fleet Foxes. ‘Be The Best Man At My Wedding’ further differentiates the group’s sound, adding layers of garage-rock dissonance through its use of deftly organised lap steel guitars and rapid-fire drumrolls.

The real gems on the album, however, are ‘Ain’t It Hard’ and ‘Jump Rope’, which see the group deliver some of their most ambitious and adventurous pieces yet, with Tom Maschio’s exploration of synths propelling the group sound to ethereal new heights. 

All in all, Love You is a refreshing change-up from the much-loved and fast-rising indie rock outfit.

Release: Bonsai Records

Label: 23/06/2023

You can stream Love You here