Bombay Motorcycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow

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Bombay Motorcycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow

So Long, See You Tomorrow is the latest release from London indie kids Bombay Bicycle Club, and their fourth album to date draws on a sound that the band has been working on for quite a while. Breaking into the music scene with their debut album I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose in 2009, they stormed on to the scene with the singles ‘Always Like This’ and ‘Ghost’. Fast-forward five years and the band are now making blissful electronic music.
A few months back, we heard the lead single ‘Carry Me’ being premiered on triple j – and now the full product is here. Jangly guitar lines, electro synth and soaring vocal lines from lead singer Jack Steadman are all present within this track, and it is a definite highlight to this record. If you haven’t seen these guys’ live then make sure you check them out when they come to Australia once again. It may be a while, but I think given the back catalogue of awesome tracks this band has, it’s worth the wait.
It may take a while for you to be hooked to the new sound, but hopefully you find some merit in these tracks. It’s edgy, upbeat and a different direction for this band, but it definitely works positives. From the first listen this record is a pleasure, and you should check it out for yourself.
Release: out now via Universal Island Records
Written by Tex Miller