Blues news talks Moon Music

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Blues news talks Moon Music

By now you are probably completely over the moon landing and all of the “I remember” going around about it. But read on! I thought of an angle no one has (to my knowledge) covered.

Moon music.

I can’t believe that there’s anyone breathing who hasn’t listened to Billie Holiday’s Blue Moon. It is a classic regardless of your music likes or dislikes. But there’s a lot more than that, and here’s a sample.

Otis Spann – Moon Blues
The moon landing was 1969 and Spann died in 1970, so this must have been one of his last songs.
“They got all of that bread, just to send people into space
You know they got all of that bread, just to send people into space
But there’s trouble there for us, baby we ain’t goin’ any place”

Slank – Full Moon Blues
Slank is the biggest Indonesian rock band. It was founded in 1983 by teenagers in an alley street in Jakarta called Gang Potlot. The band is known for playing blues and rock music accompanied with political sociology lyrics.

Sky High – Bad Moon Blues
Sky High are one of Northern Europe’s finest blues-rock bands! Fronted by Clas Yngström, guitar-player/singer extraordinaire, the band has been working hard ever since its early start in Gothenburg late 1978. The style is Hendrix-drenched blues-rock with elements of Texas-style blues, funk, jazz, and traditional Swedish folk tunes.

Cloakroom – Sickle Moon Blues
Cloakroom consists of three factory workers from Northwest Indiana. Never heard of them, this is probably the farthest away mention they’ve had. Music is good though.

Stevie Wonder – Moon Blue
Stevie Wonder, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. A prominent figure in popular music, he is one of the most successful musicians of the 20th century. Don’t you dare say you’ve never heard of him?

Gary Moore – Moon Blue
He played with the Irish band Skid Row. Later on, Moore could be seen playing in the likes of Thin Lizzy and British jazz-rock fusion band Colosseum II, as well as having his own, highly successful solo career split between the genres of heavy metal and blues. Moore shared the stage with such blues and rock musicians as B.B. King, Albert King, John Mayall, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Albert Collins, George Harrison, and Greg Lake.

Nils Landgren Quintet – Joe’s Moon Blues
Tricked you! Nils is a jazz trombonist, so broaden your horizons and have a listen.

I caught up with Jesse Valach and the Testaments at the E&C last month, and the best news I have is that they’ll be playing there again on the 18th of August. Their July gig was excellent and they courteously delayed starting by about 15 mins, to allow uninterrupted viewing of the Cats game. The Hawthorn hoodoo struck again!

His music gets ever stronger, and the reggae additions work very well. The Testaments compliment him, and I loved the keys solos.

Why not put one of those moon blues tracks on, and lay back and watch the moon go past one night? If you want something more active then check out Jesse at the Elephant & Castle on the 18th.