Blues News #725

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Blues News #725

So, how are you getting used to daylight savings? Did you change your clocks the right way? These digital days they’ll do it for you, but that’s no use for grandpa’s cuckoo clock. I hope you remembered to change the metronome…

This month the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club is highlighting some of our local talent with the Wayne Jury Four headlining their monthly session.

The Wayne Jury Four is essentially a blues band, but like the personalities in the band the idea of being pigeonholed is about as much fun as having a Tasmanian devil in your sleeping bag. They obviously enjoy playing together, despite not doing that a lot. They feed off each other’s energy and share a synergy that is infectious. “We just want to feel the energy in the music, get the best out of every song and share it with people … dance, sing and do your thing.

Apart from Wayne, the band consists of Sandy Brady, John “JP” Parry, and Troy Love.

Wayne Jury is more than blues. Recognised as a multitalented tunesmith (signed as ‘House Writer’ and artist to the legendary J Albert and Son Publishing, home of ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Easybeats since 1994.) His versatility as a performer sees him at ease with ensembles or solo, delving deep into soul, jazz, and rock to combine these genres with his distinctive voice, style, and performance.

He has been called on by some of Australia’s top rock bands when they’ve been missing a lead singer. He has played thousands of gigs all over Australia, including opening for blues greats Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Canned Heat, BB King, Chris Cain, and Buddy Guy.

Sandy Brady has been a professional upright and electric bassist for almost half of her life. Sandy has performed alongside many well-known blues musicians and has been a tutor in the Blues boot Camps organised by Wayne. Sandy has toured both nationally and internationally and has performed at many major music festivals. Currently Sandy is the Program Administrator for the Port Fairy Folk Festival.

JP is known as ‘Mr. Reliable’, one of the most solid, feel-good drummers in the business. He was one of the founders of the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club. JP and Sandy Brady together are the ‘lockdown’ rhythm section. The groove is set and it’s ‘take no prisoners.

Troy Love plays with heart and passion because he knows no other way. He can squeeze emotion out of his guitar like his life depended on it. Troy gives all he’s got to everything he does. He first came to notice in Mojo Corner, and is now playing regularly with Sweet Felicia and the Honeytones.

The gig is set for October 27th at the Geelong Trades Hall Dancehall.

All of you reading this should get out there, and other places besides. Only you can prevent empty music venues. We have some great venues down here: Pistol Pete’s Food and Blues, the Peninsula Hotel, Provenance Winery Fyansford, Piping Hot Chicken Shop, Cowrie Market, White Eagle House, Brewhouse Hotel Apollo Bay and The Green Room.

You’ve really got no excuse!