Blues News #710

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Blues News #710

A couple of special raw sounding blues events this time round.

Bag O’ Nails are a blues-rock power trio who have been wowing audiences with their high energy and dynamic performances throughout Australia since 2004. Their live album Nailed Live at St Andrews Hotel is described as “… an absolute scorcher!” by Steve Passiouras, presenter of Fret Net on PBSFM.

The trio consists of Trevor Murray (guitarist/vocalist), John Hampton (bass) and John Veltman (drums).

Trevor joined his first band, Melbourne rhythm and blues outfit, Dangerous Goods, at 21. At 24 he moved to London and continued to play in various groups before returning to Sydney. Following five years of playing in Sydney with groups such as Black & Blues, he moved back to Melbourne in 2000 and formed Bag O’ Nails.

John “Lord” Hampton started playing bass in the mid 70’s. He played in various bands throughout England until migrating to Australia in 2004. John came across Bag O’ Nails in 2006 and was a regular at their gigs. When the bass player retired due to health reasons in 2007, John jumped at the opportunity to join the guys.

John Veltman started hitting the skins at 13 and began collecting albums from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Who to name a few. He played in various bands in the 80’s and 90’s such as Noisy Neighbors and Scapegoat. In 2009 Bag O’ Nails was in need of a new drummer and John was looking forward to finally playing the blues rock that got him interested in the drums to begin with.

So, what are you in for? Some high energy lead guitar, melodic bass and drums that create a wall of sound reminiscent of many great trios of the past.

If you like your blues doused in down-right dirty rock n’ roll, and who doesn’t, you won’t want to miss Bag O’ Nails at this month’s Sleepy Hollow gig on the 24th.

Recently a most unusual photo floated across my desk. Prominent was Kay Gibbons, but with amazingly retro hair. Soon, all was explained. Direct from the 80’s, Geelong’s own power R&B band Bluesmobile will be reforming on March 23rd at Club Italia. Apparently, it will have 90% of the original line up (Kay Gibbons, Rob Anderson, Bill Van Parreren, Ron Hilla, Rod Baxter, Sharryn Toms, Grant Brockley) plus two special guests (Lenny Keys and Jeffery Noll) to make this band jump again.

Stringy’s back for a session at Pistol Pete’s. He and Molly are passing through Geelong on the 21st.

Last time they were here was May last year with a new CD – this seems to be becoming a welcome annual event. His influences come from Tom Waits, Chris Whitely and just about anyone who sings like they’ve eaten gravel or play slide guitar with soul. He describes his material as “flatbelly desert blues and stuff” and has produced a great, raw sound that sounds like the original blues musicians have been transplanted into the 21st century.

You’re spoiled for choice really – Stringy on the 16th, the Reunion on the 23rd, or Bag O’ Nails on the 24th.