Blues News #691

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Blues News #691

I am just back in the lair after listening to Mountain Grey performing at an artist’s studio over at the old paper mills at Fyansford. It was a great afternoon – a modest, but well receptive crowd who enjoyed the afternoon’s performance.
Mountain Grey are Steve James (music, voice, acoustic guitar), Kev Foster (drums), Luke Hynes (bass) and Mike Robinson-Koss (words, music, voice, harmonica), who are based at Deans Marsh.
The music travels through many scenarios (tragic and euphoric, reflective and questioning, haggard and urgent), and it celebrates community and the friendships made in a small bush hamlet. We had more than one item that afternoon relating the history of a Deans Marsh.
I don’t know of their next gig, but they did mention they would be back at Fyansford in the future. Otherwise they have been found at their local venue, Martians Café, also at Birregurra and Apollo Bay. I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out.
Sleepy Hollow Blues Club has their next event on June 24, and they have Leroy and friends hitting town. LeroyZ Hammond Combo was formed by Liam Kealy, originally from Ballarat, with Neil Richardson and Dean James.
Liam was introduced to the sounds of Hammond organ by Mick O’Conner. The “Reverent” as Mick was known in Australia inspired Liam to play Hammond. The first Hammond he ever owned was a L100 recalls Liam: “Every time I turned up at a gig with this big Hammond and Leslie speaker, all the other musicians would hide until I did all the unloading and setting up, but after the gig they would all say what a fabulous sound the Hammond made.”
Liam performed all over Australia and Tasmania with a variety of blues groups and then in 2007 the new Hammond B3 portable was released in Australia. Liam finds the B3 much easier to tour with.
After establishing himself as one of Melbourne’s “go to” Hammond players for local, interstate and international visiting artists, Liam formed the group with Neil after they met as part of the rhythm section at a series of festival gigs supporting well known Blues artists.
“I love working as a duo with a drummer; most drummers turn up looking for the bass player. But as soon as they hear the sound that comes from playing bass with my feet they are just blown away,” says Liam.
Dean James was brought on-board with his highly respected guitar playing and vocal abilities. The instant chemistry and high musicianship has enabled LeroyZ Hammond Combo to investigate a mixed repertoire of Chicago, Delta, East and Westcoast Blues, Jazz and Latin grooves as well as their own material influenced by artists such as Freddy King, Robben Ford, BB King, Jimmy Smith, Roy Buchanan, Ray Charles, Jimmy Smith and Booker T & The MG’s.
There should be some excellent Hammond sounds at Sleepy Hollow on the June 24 – jam at 3pm, headliner at 6pm.