Blues News #681

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Blues News #681

Welcome back after the Christmas/New Year break.
Not that it was much of a break for any of us organising the Bluestone Blues Festival. If anyone offers you the chance of a lifetime to organise a festival, take to your heels and run. Seriously though, there’s a huge amount of work done by volunteers before, during and after any festival, and there’s always room for one more volunteer!
Bluestone went off without a hitch. It was great to see so many new faces and, judging by their feedback, we have some new life patrons coming up. With brilliant music from our bands and a stack of friendly people, what’s not to like?
Now, while you are charged up by that, how about touring and cruising through Canada with Jules Boult at the helm? Jules is an award winning blues and jazz musician and plays regularly around here. In the past, he has hosted tours along Highway 61 and to New Orleans. This tour will run from Vancouver through Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Boston and New York, including a cruise along the St Lawrence River on the MS Maasdam. It includes the Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal Jazz and Blues Festivals. You can get more information about the Canadian Blues and Jazz Experience at
In the absence of a monthly gig from Sleepy Hollow, I thought I should cast about to find an appropriate replacement for you. There are a few to choose from, but if you want the pick of the bunch then Terry “Harmonica” Bean on January 28 at Pistol Pete’s is definitely the one to go for.
Terry is an American blues harmonica virtuoso, guitarist and songwriter. He has released seven albums since 2001, and appeared in three film documentaries charting present day blues experiences. Terry Bean has dedicated himself to promoting older blues stylings, such as Delta and Hill Country Blues.
“What’s stimulating to me,” he said, “is people hearing the blues played like they used to hear it.” Terry’s performances are steeped in history whilst being as raucously entertaining as a late night “juke joint”. He appeared down here at Pistol Pete’s in November and it was a sell out, so get into gear and book – I wouldn’t be expecting any door tickets on this one.
On the 31st of January, T.K. Reeve will be at Pistol Pete’s. He is primarily a guitarist and singer playing in the blues style, based in Melbourne. His original songs hark back to early roots music, but with a more modern perspective, everything from ballads to energetic dance numbers.
After releasing debut single “Don’t Want Nobody New” in late 2016, he’s appeared at Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Blues Train. He’s currently touring, starting at the Nimbin Roots Festival continuing with shows in VIC, NSW, and SA. He had a great show at Pistol Pete’s on the 10th, so even more people should be there this time.
Now, as I said, Sleepy Hollow does not have a January gig, so no doubt I’ll see you down at Pistol Pete’s.
Written by John Lamp
Image sourced via Jules Boult socials