Blues News #640

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Blues News #640

We’re heading into mid winter, and there has to be a damn good reason for getting up off the sofa and venturing out into the black cold night. Well, one reason would be Marco Goldsmith.

If you haven’t heard of Marco and his band Blue Heat, then I don’t know where you have been asleep.

Marco started out in Warrnambool, and quickly came to mainstream attention. Actually, as well as their music, I remember them fronting up at the Limelight (remember that), deciding the stage wasn’t big enough for all of them including the horn section, so they raided Faggs and extended it!

Blue Heat won many accolades over the year, and Marco also does some solo gigs. His guitar and voice make an excellent combo. Another reason would be Ron Hilla. Ron plays bass, and has played with Turning Blue and also the Matt Corcoran Band.

Turning Blues is well known locally, and also featured the talents of Brian Fraser, Dave “Bastard” Keelings, and Andrew Crossley. If you have their 1996 CD “Years and Years” count yourself lucky.

Number three is Sandy Oro, ex-Chantoozies & Matt Corcoran Band. Sandy is a master with the sticks, and will be keeping the rhythm. I know that doesn’t sound glamorous, but it’s essential!

Number four is Craig Creswell. Craig’s probably best known for teaming up with Kare Berg to form Blue Jam. He puts down some great lyrics and is not too shabby on guitar either, great stuff.

OK four reasons, but what’s the link? Well, all together they are Blue Sunday. No, not the Doors’ song, the band. Mind you it might be where they got their name from.

Blue Sunday play original blues as well as standards. Their major influences are old friends Clapton and the Allman Brothers. (Never thought I’d be trotting out a line like “major influences!” Help I’m getting institutionalised!) So don’t forget but head out on the 17 th to the Black Hatt, from 9:15 for Blue Sunday.

I can’t sign off yet without mentioning the fundraiser for Separation Creek and Wye River Fires this Saturday, 4pm at Martians Café. I’m pretty sure there won’t be anyone reading who has forgotten last Christmas Day when a bushfire swept through Separation Creek and Wye River, taking with it 116 houses, 98 at Wye River and 18 at Separation Creek — and burnt at least 2,000 hectares. Some were holiday homes, but others were permanent residents.

Actually, I’m stuffed if I know how much blues is going to be played, but what the heck, it’s live music and it’s for a damned good cause.

Some of the names mentioned are new ones to me, but that can be new music to check. Again, just quickly, a fundraiser for Separation Creek and Wye River Fires on Saturday June 11, 4pm at Martians Café.

One last one …

Friday 17 th also has Mojo Corner playing at Pistol Pete’s. I’ve been watching them pretty much since they first started, and if you want some good, solid full on blues, that’s the one!

Written by John (Dr John) Lamp
Proudly presented by the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club