Blues News #637

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Blues News #637

Well, I don’t know if it was a good thing that Darryn got the push or not, but while he was mayor, he sure put Geelong on the map. The Xmas tree might have attracted crowds to stare, and spend a few dollars at the local eateries and watering holes (which is nothing to sneer at), but the other thing that we have seen is bands looking our way for gigs.

Mind you, I won’t give all the credit to Darryn, Pete Raimondo is doing an excellent job providing a high quality, consistent venue, and if you haven’t tried the amazing tucker… Anyhow, the point of this is that we now have bands coming to Geelong much more often. One such is the Matt Borg Trio, who also played at Hugo’s Motor City Music Festival and The Blues Train, and are now coming back to Geelong.

The group is the result of a friendship spanning 20 years resulting in a trio of fun-loving musos, playing groove orientated blues music with roots in funk and soul. They’re a musically energetic band that sounds bigger than their three piece size would have you expect.

Matt Borg plays old school driving blues axe and pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a blues guitarist. His lyrics can take the listener on a journey that is reminiscent of the blues masters, whilst maintaining a new school edge and with current, relevant stories to tell.

Lastly, Mick McPherson (Micky D) sits on the bottom end of the groove, but definitely does not sit back in the mix. His five string bass gives him range and flexibility. With a blend of groove, funk, rock and roots, he’s right out there, that’s for sure.

The rhythm section of the trio has deep funk grooves, rock enthusiasm and roots in the R&B masters of old. Scott Zimmer, the work horse and engine room of the trio, sits behind the kit and can alter the mood of the room to a dancing extravaganza with his inescapable metronomic timing as easily as he can harmonize with Matt.

Be it a straight blues, soulful ballad or getting into deep, funk grooves, Zimmer is truly a beast on the beats and isn’t afraid to let it shine through.

Micky D’s basslines work in perfectly with Matt’s blues and the solid, driving pulse of Scott on the drums.

The sound that comes out of the cacophony of styles, variations and feels is an eclectic, heavy blues with major sonic influences of the funk, soul and classic R & B bands of old.

Check out their Highway 9 studio gig at

So the good news is that you won’t have to wait four years, or even 17 months to enjoy the “Darryn effect”, you can kick back, indulge your waistline, and relax into the Matt Borg Trio way before then! Track the Matt Borg Trio down at Pistol Pete’s Food & Blues on Saturday 21st of May.

Written by John (Dr John) Lamp
Proudly presented by the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club