Blues Boot Camp 2015: A Participant's Perspective

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Blues Boot Camp 2015: A Participant's Perspective

When you look at the history of music throughout the ages, most of the modern day pop hits, to some extent amidst the electronic drumbeats and heavy bass lines, have some resemblance to blues music. Now this may seem like a very strange concept for you to grasp at the moment, yet all roots of music nowadays pays homage one way or another to the blues. There is just something pure, simple and electric to blues music that you just don’t seem to get these days. In the delta in the deep south of America, the living conditions throughout the Great Depression and the mid 1930s and 40s were horrific. Throughout all of the recordings from that day you are able to hear the true struggle of human life.
From Son House to Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf to BB King, all of the old bluesmen have a story or two to tell and it’s a lot more realistic in feeling and emotion. Like modern day pop music, the lyrical themes can be simplistic however blues music speaks deeper than any song today ever could. Over a few days in January, the Blues Boot Camp is set to return to the Potato Shed in Drysdale. For the uninitiated, BBC is a two-day workshop and then feature length concert which allows like-minded musicians to get up on a stage and play songs together. No matter of musical ability, BBC is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable workshop music camps that I have ever had the opportunity to be involved with.
In a fully supervised environment, BBC is the stepping stone to getting into the music industry and a must for all beginner musicians wanting to get out of their bedroom and play with people a) around their own age and b) excited about music. One of the great benefits I feel is there is no discrimination about what music you listen to and together as a group of around about 26 attendants, you learn off each other and work together to create something equally special and unique. Whether you are an Ed Sheeran tragic or a ‘Swiftie’, there is always common ground between ensembles and pieces you can work up to great songs. Despite my musical tastes being rooted in blues and pop (and having a limited knowledge of Ed Sheeran) I have been involved over the years in some great cover versions.
Having the opportunity to mingle and make new friends as well as learn musically and sonically from each other, the key to BBC’s success over the years is that there is nothing like it around. You are able to bring your guitar along and turn it up loud and go for it with no hesitation or boundaries stopping you. Starting out from an idea when Wayne Jury programmed the music for the Echuca Moama Blues Festival, Blues Boot Camp has developed into a yearly workshop and a must for school children around the region. Combining the talents of Sarah Carroll, Chris Wilson, Mr Black and Blues, Kelly Auty and Dave Robertson, this is the finest youth music workshop in the region.
There are a lot of laughs guaranteed and learning about all facets of the music industry along the way. If you have been thinking about joining in the fun, then make sure you book your place today. It’s very interactive and hands on, this is the most fun that you will have over the summer school holidays!
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Written by Tex Miller
When & Where: Potato Shed, Drysdale – January 5 & 6 for workshops, with the live performance on January 7.