Blogilates’ Cassey Ho

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Blogilates’ Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is known for her bubbly, excitable nature as she helps her ‘POPsters’ with her various exercise regimes. From core focused exercise to ones that target your arms, Cassey also steps beyond just workout routines and has a range of fitness wear items, recipes and inspirational items to help fuel her followers onto a healthier lifestyle. We had a chat with the YouTube sensation ahead of her visit to Australia on behalf of Zespri Kiwifruits.

Hi Cassey, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

I just landed in Sydney last night! I am so excited to walk around the beautiful city and can’t wait to bring POP Pilates to The Zespri Sun-Up this Saturday!

You’ll be leaving the lovely American summer and entering our winter, which is always a time for excuses to exercise. What are your biggest motivators during the colder months?

During the cooler months, I think about how good it feels to work out regardless of the weather.

Fitness is a lifelong journey – it’s not about getting fit for a certain season. It’s about feeling good all year long!

We know you’re a big believer in finding the right workout for you, what were some of the types of workouts you tried to begin with that didn’t necessarily suit you?

I’ve tried crossfit, yoga, cycling, stand up paddleboarding, Zumba – I mean pretty much everything! I totally love that each of these workouts really resonate for a certain type of personality, but my heart is with POP Pilates and PIIT28.

Your visit to Australia is on behalf of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruits, do you have a few favourite recipes for kiwifruits you’re able to share with our readers?

[See the recipes here].

What’s a big benefit of the fruit that people mightn’t realise?

I don’t think people know that Zespri SunGold KiwiFruits actually help with muscle repair because of its exceptionally high levels of vitamin c (just one piece can give 100% of your daily requirements!). Exercise causes your muscle tissues to suffer micro-tears, and when they repair more quickly by eating food like nutrient-rich Zespri SunGold Kiwis with a protein-rich diet, you’ll be able to get back on your feet quicker!

If someone was to make one small change towards a healthier lifestyle, what do you think the first step should be?

People underestimate the power of good nutrition! It makes a HUGE difference. Nutrition and eating a healthy diet is essential. Food is what fuels your day and gives you energy to be active. Try to eat whole foods that are unprocessed! Real food from the earth. Drink lots of water, it keeps you hydrated, energised, and your skin will get clearer!

You’re a big believer in being body positive and have called out a few things on social media, and even shared some more personal stories, have those been easy or difficult decisions for you?

At first it was difficult to share my personal experiences with disordered eating and exercise. I always want to be a positive role model for my POPsters. However, I felt like it was time to be real and honest. Many girls go through similar experiences and I wanted to give them hope that things can get better and you can find a happy balance with food and exercise again.

From travelling and interacting with millions of people all over the world, what have you learnt is the best thing to keep in mind to ensure a continuous healthy lifestyle?

It’s all about balance. Don’t place restrictions on yourself or make fitness a duty. Food and activity should make your life better, not more stressful! If anything, I’ve learned that I am the healthiest and happiest when I eat whole, nutritious foods regularly, but still allow myself a YOLO meal once a week. I keep a regular exercise routine that I love to help me stay energised and fit.

Your father actually wanted you to be a doctor but you found your passion in fitness, do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you went down that path instead?

I would have been miserable. I was unhappy in school and I knew in my heart that direction was not for me. It was definitely scary making the decision to get into fitness and fashion, but I just knew in my heart that somehow it would work out.

And lastly, you often pick some really catchy tracks to do your clips too, what are your three favourite workout tracks at the moment?

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
Light It Up – Major Lazer
I Took a Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner

You can catch Cassey Ho’s workouts on her YouTube channel: blogilates. Read up on Zespri SunGold Kiwifruits here.