Blind Man Death Stare

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Blind Man Death Stare

Melbourne punks Blind Man Death Stare will kick off an album tour at Brisbane’s Dead of Winter before enjoying a handful of shows in Forte territory. We chat to the guys ahead of their shows.

Hey thanks for chatting to Forte Mag. How are you and what have you been up to recently?

We’re doing better than expected, the rashes have cleared up somewhat so… Oh, you mean the band. We’ve been busy as. Did some shows with our new mates Night Birds from New Jersey, made a film clip, dropped our debut album on Arrest Records, played to a sold out crowd at Dead Of Winter Fest in Brisbane and now our mates Kill Dirty Youth have saddled up with us on the album tour. We are on the road home from NSW as I write this. The first five shows of the tour have been mad af, so everyone reading this needs to get to a show and go nuts with us!

Tell us what it was like working on your debut full length album It’ll Grow on Ya, was it a long, time-consuming project? Anyone butt heads about what should be on it?

We spent a couple of weeks on the recording with Dan in Sydney, getting everything right. He’s a stickler for high quality and doesn’t accept anything that’s the tiniest bit out so that was a learning curve for us and very beneficial. It was a lot of fun hanging out, recording in Sydney with the boys. Although Joel didn’t feature on this record, that’s why his face is covered by a bible on the insert of the record. No one butted heads, we work out everything pretty well together, like a family. Immi didn’t think the horns/keys would work but funnily enough, they did. It was a great experience for us all and we can’t wait to do it again. It just won’t be for two weeks next time.

This is your follow up to 2015’s EP Born a Centimetre from the Finish Line release. How has your sound and attitude to music changed since then?

Basically we just got better and added a second guitarist – Jesus aka Joel Dick Parnell. It was quite simple. In actual fact, we’ve worked our arses off for the past couple of years, tightening up our sound and live show. Having an extra guitarist has filled out not only our sound, but the stage as well. Our live shows are hectic and there’s more harmonies now. Unless someone’s flat or drunk, which doesn’t happen that often. We are definitely more professional on how we go about our business now, after all it’s our duty.

You guys are also playing a bunch of regional shows which is great! Why did you decide to include all these regional stops?

They are all places we’ve played a few times before and had a blast, the people are great and we love connecting with people and making new friends. Taking our show on the road to regional places that don’t get heaps of bands out all the time, we find rewarding. People quite often can’t make it to the city all the time, so this way we can keep connecting with people all over the country, not just the cities. We will play in any town, anywhere, so if you want us, make an offer.

Tell us, you guys re-emerged as BMDS after a several year hiatus from Brisbane band The Pints – what’s the story there?

It’s a long, crazy story complete with highs and lows, ins n outs, but I’m sorry it’s way too long to publish. I will have to tell you that one in person. For the reader, we got new members, a new name, new attitude and The Pints is a shit name anyway.

What’s one thing people are going to experience from the upcoming shows?

One thing isn’t enough? It’s gonna melt your face off. We have a hectic, sweaty and energetic set lined up for you and we can’t wait to destroy your hometown. Don’t be a coward. Come get some.

Thanks for taking the time to chat. Any last words?

Firstly. Thanks Forte! Secondly. Kids, don’t waste your time alone, or with your friends. It’ll be better spent wasted together, with us! So come one, come all and get messy. ‘Til then go to for tour news, merch n’ crap. We’ll see you at the show…

When & Where: The Eastern, Ballarat – August 11, Music Man Megastore, Bendigo – August 12, Sooki Lounge, Belgrave – August 13, The Loft, Warrnambool – August 25, Beats & Bass, Geelong – September 2