Blind Man Death Stare: It’ll Grow On Ya

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Blind Man Death Stare: It’ll Grow On Ya

Fuelled by ’90s punk riffs, Blind Man Death Stare’s debut album delivers more than the stock standard punk sound rehashed. Instead, it really highlights the different influences of each member’s background.

With tracks such as ‘I’ve had Islamabad Day’ incorporating metal/thrash style riffs and ‘Bottles Warm’ providing the Australian twanged vocals and a punk backing track that would be perfectly fitted for any of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Soundtrack, there is truly a lot of subtle diversity within this album.

However, even though they have branched out from the staple punk formula, at times I feel the experimentation isn’t fully utilised, with many songs starting out teasing something experimental or different, before quickly falling back into fast-paced punk riffs and simple drum beats.

This isn’t necessarily a criticism, Blind Man Death Stare is a punk band and they execute fast paced punk well, but, at times I would like to see a little bit more of where these different/experimental ideas lead too. This is especially the case for the albums closer ‘Impromptu Holiday’ which stands out due to the incorporation of a trumpet, providing a unique ’90s ska-punk vibe while still keeping it melodic.

‘It’ll Grow on Ya’ is a very solid debut release for the Melbourne punks who will definitely be one to keep an eye out for in the future!

Arrest Records Australia
Reviewed by Alex Callan