Blackwood Jack Lock in Warrnambool Show

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Blackwood Jack Lock in Warrnambool Show

Ben Cue, Daniel Paroissien and Talen Galbraith are Blackwood Jack, a musical zoo made from wires and glue. Make that award­-winning Blackwood Jack.

The Standard in Warrnambool not too long ago handed out their best of the best for local talent of 2015, and the trio smashed it in, picking up ‘Best Act’, ‘Best Release’ and ‘Best Song’. On their ‘Best Release’, Triggers: “Eerie yet groovy, edgy yet hooky, this collection of five songs set the bar pretty high for south­west recordings. The band’s production work (spearheaded by bassist Daniel Paroissien) makes it even more impressive, taking their awesome live sound and killer songs to another level.”

The Loft, Warrnambool – February 20.