Blackman’s Brewery are running an ‘incredible hulk’ burger challenge

Blackman’s Brewery are running an ‘incredible hulk’ burger challenge

This is not a drill.

Calling all burger lovers. Cancel your Friday plans because we have a burger challenge like no other.

Blackman’s Brewery Burger Bar in Ocean Grove is dishing up the world’s largest (surely?) burger with their Incredible Hulk challenge burger.

Channelling the Hulk’s size, colour and ability to pack a massive punch, this absolute monster burger is jam-packed with six(ish) beef patties, grilled cheese, bacon, southern fried chicken, and house mac sauce, standing two BB cans high. Yes, we’re serious.

We’re not sure about salads but judging from the picture the brewery posted we’re going to assume not. It is packed between a delicious homemade green bun though.

A true test of one’s burger obsession, if you conquer the beast in under 30 minutes then you get it for free, plus you make it into the Brewery’s hall of fame!

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Since opening in Ocean Grove a few years ago, the Blackman’s Brewery Burger Bar have perfected the art of whipping up mean burgers from scratch that will have you licking your fingers for days.

They pack ‘em high, force in the flavour and make each bun-wrapped treat a delight… and the Incredible Hulk does this tenfold. Team this up with a tin of Lager and you’ve got yourself an epic feast on your hands!

Wrap your lips around this bad boy, stat.

Blackman’s Brewery Burger Bar is located at 82 The Terrace, Ocean Grove.