Bill Bailey is touring Australia with a brand new show

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Bill Bailey is touring Australia with a brand new show

Listed by The Observer to be among the 50 funniest acts in British comedy, Bill Bailey is one of modern days most respectable and iconic performers.
Returning to Australian shores with his brand new show, Earl of Whimsy, which features Bailey’s trademark blend of satire and surrealism, stories and dismantled jokes, crowd sing-alongs, weird instruments and musical showstoppers.
Most would know Bill from the smash hit comedy TV series Black Books, where he was renowned for his sublime comedic timing and memorable deliveries. An accomplished pianist and guitarist who has perfect pitch, Bill often incorporates routines of Jazz and Classic Rock’n’roll into his sets – offering a buffet of comedic variety on stage that is sure to have any comedy fan leaving satisfied with a grin on their face.
He’ll be treating us to a night of absolute hilarity in November when he hits the stage at Geelong’s Costa Hall during his Earl of Whimsy Australian Tour.
When: Tuesday, 6 November
Where: Costa Hall, Geelong
On Sale Tuesday 5 June
Book at