Big Words : Hollywood, a Beautiful Coincidence

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Big Words : Hollywood, a Beautiful Coincidence

Oozing with smooth beats and crisp vocals, Big Words debut EP is big soul, hip-hop infused RNB – perfectly chilled summer-time beats. Gorgeously haunting keys and glittery guitar melded with flowing echoed vocals and electric solos.

Described as having the casual soul of Jill Scott and early-Roots experimentalism, the story reads like a fairy tale. Rapper/singer Kieren Lee, a busker plucked from the curb by WuTang’s Ghostface Killah, was invited to join them on stage at their sold-out Melbourne show, during late 2016.

Now the five piece are Kieren – MC/guitar, Will – MC, Cam – bass and Lawrence – drums, are playing their own sell-out shows. They’re killing it on the streams across Spotify/Apple Music. Singles “The Answer” and “Soul Jam” have gained much love from the US and Europe, racking up over 1,500,000 streams.

Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence is a juicifyingly tasty eight track, exploring themes of exploitation and surviving in the music industry. “Sunlight” sounds like poolside cocktails, banana lounge reclining with an eyes-rolled-into-the-back-of-your-head smile on yo’ face. “Big words” is divine, gorgeous beats and soulful vocals; prepare for a solid coating of goose bumps.

I can’t wait to see these dudes bangin’ freestyles and funky jams live. And I can’t get this dang album off repeat.

Reviewed by Heidi Atkins