Big Winter: Small Things

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Big Winter: Small Things

It’s worth taking a look at the cover as you listen to this one as it captures the feeling entirely. The release gives a sense of coming home and that serene silence of night all rolled into seven tracks. At times it feels very old timely, like in opening number ‘Stars’.
If there’s one qualm, it’s that at times the vocals don’t quite match the music. The instruments overpower the lyrics, whether that’s a recording issue or not, it’s hard to determine. Though this is something that surely would come across a lot different in a live setting.
Though that’s not to say the vocals aren’t impressive, as in track ‘Firebird’ they hit notes that make you stop whatever you’re doing. This track’s a bit of a slow burner, slowly developing layer upon layer and enveloping you in a beautiful rhythmic dream. By no surprise it’s one of the hits of the release.
Beyond vocals, each song covers varying topics of travel, reflection, love and loss. One I found particularly engaging lyrically was ‘Simple Ideas’. To sum it up, this is a great offering for those who love the anthemic, slow build tracks that are heavy on piano/keys. This is the kind of release you’d put on while reading a book, drinking a glass of wine or sitting by the fire with friends.
Out out via independent release
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring