Big Love Elopements is the lover’s lockdown antidote

Big Love Elopements is the lover’s lockdown antidote

Words by Tehya Nicholas

Big love, little fuss.

If you or a loved one had been planning a huge throwdown wedding this year only to be thwarted by lockdown restrictions, never fear. Big Love Elopements are here to save the day!

Start by imagining this: you, your chosen one, a select few friends and family are all gathered in a lush forest, or on a rugged clifftop. It’s the day of your elopement. The beginning of your new life as married partners. Now add two redheaded legends to do the celebrating and the photographing and you’re getting close to understanding what ‘Big Love Elopements’ is all about.

Two Geelong locals, Jessie Walsdorf and Jake Hogan, are the brains behind the operation, which began a little over a year ago now. Jessie is your charming, vivacious celebrant who will write you a personalised script to get you wed. Jake is the cruisy giant behind the camera, quietly snapping away tear-jerkingly beautiful photographs.

“We believe that whilst weddings are totally rad, they aren’t for everyone! The nature of a big celebration with lots of people (and lots of expense) can come with a lot of stress in all forms; which is where we come in. Our elopements are built on our business motto: Big Love, Little Fuss,” explains Jake.

Whether it be getting married in the beautiful Otways, or creekside in Apollo Bay, perhaps in a national park, or even your favourite beach at sunrise, together Jake and Jessie will officiate your intimate elopement in the most personal and relaxed way possible. Their approach includes only the best things about weddings: love, fun and connection.

“Now that COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty to everyone’s lives and has put a stop to big weddings for the time being, it has given many couples the chance to reflect on what is important to them and what they really want out of their wedding day,” Jake adds.

“Why not strip back your plans now, let Big Love Elopements help get you married to your one and only and then celebrate with one big party once those face masks can be tossed aside and the dancefloors are cranking once again.”

Just recently, Big Love Elopements announced a tasty collaboration with Oh Honey, Geelong’s cutest café, where couples can tie the knot surrounded by a canopy of flourishing plants. It’s a tranquil alternative to registry-style weddings. Oh Honey provides the cakes, Big Love Elopements do their thing, and the whole shebang costs $1500. Pretty good, huh?

Coronavirus should not stop love and thanks to Big Love Elopements, it doesn’t.

“Pack your hand sani, finalise your guest list in accordance with current allowances and let’s get you married!”

Whether you’re planning your big-in-feeling, small-in-expense day, or you know someone who is, head to the website for all the details.