Beyond The Valley on partying Lux style at this year’s festival

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Beyond The Valley on partying Lux style at this year’s festival

Each year, Beyond The Valley offers its patrons a limited amount of Luxury Camping passes. And this year’s festival is said to be the most luxe of them all, stepping things up in a big way.

A Lux Pass give patrons the key to a whole other world within the festival; a world of all things luxurious.

Patrons have the choice of the Standard Lux Package, Premium Lux Package, Tipi, or De-Lux Package (now sold-out). Of these, the key differences lay within the sizing, bedding and inclusions of each accommodation option, but we hear even the Standard option isn’t ‘standard’ by any means.

Beyond The Valley Co-Director Michael Christidis explains, “The most basic of our Lux Packages, in previous years were air beds, but have been upgraded to memory foam mattresses this year.”

“Then you go a step above that, which we’ve got a different provider that usually hosts weddings and more prestige events, so they’ve got your Egyptian cotton bedsheets, there are towel racks, little lanterns as lighting options, the works.”

All packages also feature a secure padlock. Creature comforts and security? Yes please!

But Lux Camping passes at Beyond The Valley are so much more than even this. A Lux Pass allows patrons exclusive access not only to the Lakeside Camping area, but also to the Lakeside Village Bar, VIP Lux Bar and premium toilet and shower facilities, placed at merely a stone’s throw from the festival site.

“The whole thing about buying a Lux Package is actually buying into that whole area,” says Michael.

BTV - glamp 2

Beyond The Valley has grown to be the largest glamping village in the Southern Hemisphere, tells the festival’s Co-Director, with over 300 tents and roughly 1000 people in the area.

“You get four friends together and they spend the extra $300 each, then they have all those creature comforts,” says Michael, “And this year we’re really going all out, we’re going to have a little ping pong table area, the bar and hopefully… pending council approval, we’ve got application to do a pool bar.”

A pool bar? Tell us more! Am I right?

“This company turns shipping containers into pools, so big kind of 12 meter length pools,” explains Michael, “And we’re hoping to have three of them arranged in a ‘U’ shape essentially and have an island bar in the middle.

“We’re all about creating communal interactive environments in Lux this year, to give that real sense of community.”

Along with a pending pool bar (it doesn’t get much better than that!), this year’s Lux Campsite will also see the return of a DJ in the area.

“During the first year we had a DJ – a separate music offering – and we decided to remove that for the following two years, just because we wanted to focus a lot more on the festival site,” says Michael, “But now with the pool bar and the size that Lux has gotten to, there’s enough demand there for an area where people can have a drink and a dance.”

Are you experiencing the same incredible mental image I am right now, folks?

If not, I’ll leave you with one more: “Start the day with a cocktail in bed,” suggests Michael, “Because that’s a privilege the general campers don’t have unfortunately, with an alcohol ban across the general site.

“In Lux, you’ve got the bar at your doorstep, so don’t waste the day, get up, get a cocktail, bring it back to your partner or friend in bed and start the day like that, maybe with some Bloody Marys.”

For more info and to secure your Lux Campsite package, visit the website.

Written by Helena Metzke