Best Kept Secret

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Best Kept Secret

Secrets are a beautiful thing, as is the beach and great music, combining all three are the Secret Garden Markets happening in Barwon Heads this summer. With live music, street food, artisan stalls and beer, it’s a space to celebrate all there is about summer and the creative aspects of life.
The markets also look to showcase the emerging talent in the region and provide a platform for them to succeed. One such individual was Fraser Telfer who played at the first evening event and has since gone on to play at the QMF foot in the door competition. It’s events like these, supporting and celebrating others and with others that need to become more commonplace. To attend this event head to 52 Hitchcock Avenue in Barwon Heads on December 27 – January 3 and January 9, 10, 16 and 24. Times vary so hit up the website for more information