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As soon as something even hints at being a little bit grunge ’90s pop, I’m sold. While they’re not 100 per cent in that bracket, even just hanging around the edges of the genre is enough for me. Opening number ‘Feeling OK’ is a little bit of a sing-a-long track, and it does get a bit sugary-sweet in sections but it’s still OK in my book.
There’s still the same Californian vibe that made us fall in love with the band, but let’s be honest, they’ve come a long way since those early days of Crazy For You and this album does a great job of showcasing that. ‘Heaven Sent’ cements itself on a solid drum beat, simple guitar riff and even simpler lyrics – what can I say, sometimes simple is best. And that guitar solo, just yes.
Over the years the Best Coast sound has changed, this time around there’s less fuzz than before, no more of the country twangs in the previous record or even the humour seen in past lyrics. This time it’s stripped back and much more serious as Bethany Cosentino sings of medication, heartbreak and insomnia.
The album mightn’t ring true for die-hard Best Coast fans, but there’s still a charm in the new ’90s pop sound. Be sure to reserve a spot for ‘So Unaware’, ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘California Nights’ on your iPod.
Out now via Harvest Records
Written by Amanda Sherring