Bernie: Amborella

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Bernie: Amborella

With such a strong EP debut in Amborella, Bernie (who is from the small town of Harrisville in Queensland) is set for a big 2016. Slick production on the opening track make you think this is completely more than just soft acoustic pop, and you’d be correct in having such thoughts. Having busked in Melbourne quite a bit, chances are you have probably stopped to watch a song or two. ‘Angels and Devils’ is a solid debut track and the same melodic and somewhat sorrowful feeling is present in ‘Hurt’. While the first two tracks seem a little bit down tempo and would most probably make other people flick past them, you should definitely pursue it, because Bernie‚Äôs vocals are blissful just like honey. ‘This Place is Not For Me’ showcases how she wants to get out of the small town blues and head to the seaside.

Lushful piano rollicks through the track and it is just upbeat pop with sunshine attached to it. While Bernie Carson is about to head out on the road in support of the release, chances are you will see her around the traps soon enough. In the meantime, get Amborella into your collection, if beautiful songwriting and silky smooth vocals is your thing.

Out independently
Reviewed by Tex Miller