Benny Walker reveals captivating third album Chosen Line

Benny Walker reveals captivating third album Chosen Line

For over a decade, Echuca’s own singer/songwriter Benny Walker has been cranking out tunes on a consistent basis, now he’s back at it again after three years with his newest album – Chosen Line, a variety of high quality, raw and passionate artistry.

From considerably mellow vibes to hard hitting blues tracks that will bend your soul, Chosen Line demands not to be defined by a singular genre. Opening up the album is first track ‘Your Place’, a slow paced contemporary blues song with light but beautiful vocals that does a superb job at blending in with the songs flow and feel.

Working through the stacked fourteen song track list, you will find some hidden gems amongst the already quality list of songs, such as ‘I Don’t Blame You’ – a powerfully hard-hitting energy inducing blues tune with raw vocals and a sexy rhythm, this song has to be a personal favourite of mine.

‘Chosen Line’, the albums final and title track brings the beauty, the love and the heart of music. Instrumentally superb, ‘Chosen Line’ isn’t afraid to showcase just how soul touching Benny Walkers music can be.

“Chosen Line could’ve been called ‘Songline’ or even ‘Unchosen Line’. The title represents my ‘chosen’ career path. I didn’t really choose it. I embraced it. I come from a long line of storytellers and musicians, and they’ve all had a significant impact on the person I’ve become and the musician that I am,” Benny Walker says of the album. “I’m a Yorta Yorta man and in our culture, we would call that my Songline. Yorta Yorta visual artist, John Patten, created the album artwork taking into account my songline and the Yorta Yorta totem the long-neck turtle as well as the river that also represents the fretboard of a guitar.”

For those looking for some modern blues to serenade their ears, look no further than Benny Walker’s Chosen Line, out now.

Out now via Ditto Music
Reviewed by Alex Lynch

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