Bendigo Craft Beer & Cider Festival

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Bendigo Craft Beer & Cider Festival

If you want to make the most of our sunny days before the cool of autumn hits, then you need to be at this year’s Bendigo Craft Beer and Cider Festival.

“There’s nothing better than chilling out with a few bands playing night and day with a couple of beers in your hand. You can’t beat it,” shares Festival Director Darrell Billett.

Held at Tom Flood Sports Centre on 19 March, the festival celebrates some of the best brews in Australia. “We’ve got over 25 different brewers of beer, cider makers, and alcoholic iced tea – which will be there for the first time this year,” says Darrell. “I guess with all those different brews there you never know what you’ll find out on the day.”

More than 100 brews will be available for tasting, including Quiet Deeds, 4 Pines, 40 Acres, and Southern Bay Brew Co. from Geelong. New brewers, like Bells Beach Brewing, will also be there, giving regular attendees and new comers the chance to try something new and chat with brewers personally.

Despite the plethora of drinks available, Darrell notes that he won’t be doing much drinking on the day. “I won’t be tasting. You know, I‘ll be running around like a chook with it’s head cut off for a large part during the day!” he laughs.

Knowing that music and beer go better together, the festival also has gourmet food and a killer line up including Jenny Broke The Window, All The Colours, Four Lions, Grim Fawkner and Bjarke Ramsing.

Not just for uni students or the young at heart, the festival is also ideal for a family day out. It will be MC-ed by Pete Mitcham, AD and Flick, with The Amazing Mister Mike putting on a magic show for the kids.

“Parents can bring their kids along. If they want to bring a picnic rug they’re quite welcome to roll it out. We’ve got entertainment for kids, face painting and a magic show…so mum and dad can sort of wonder around,” says Darrell. “There’s security there, so it’s a nice safe environment for the kids as well.”

Let’s be real, beer and cider tasting can get a bit out of hand for a festival first-time attender. That’s why there are plenty of light options available, and you can work your way up through the day.

“For first timers, I would suggest they start on something nice and light. You know, lagers or Tooheys or something like that before they work up into a darker, heavier, alcohol content,” coaches Darrell. “I know some people who have been before and they start on the really heavy stuff, and they don’t really take to it too well.”

Whether you bring your family or friends, the festival is perfect for relaxing with some good beer and music. A memo though—if you plan on heavy drinking, bring a designated driver, take public transport or take a taxi. We don’t want your day ruined before it begins!

“Get about the day, just come along and enjoy it!” says Darrell. “[It’s] a good day for the whole family. Not just for people to have a few beers, but for the whole family to bring the kids.”

Written by Jessica Morris

The Bendigo Craft Beer and Cider Festival is at Tom Flood Sports Centre, Bendigo on 19 March.

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Image: Trumpeters Ice Tea

When & Where: Tom Flood Sports Centre, Bendigo – March 19