Ben Coda

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Ben Coda

Since his first release towards the end of 2008, DJ, producer and remixer, Ben Coda has released music on a slew of labels including Tribal Vision, Flow Records, Iboga, Unreleased Digital, Black Hole and Echoes. With an appearance pencilled in at Rainbow Serpent, we felt the time was just right to strike up a conversation.
Hi Ben, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte. How are you and what are you up to right now?
I’m really good thanks, and thanks for inviting me to chat. Right now I’m spending some time working on new music in the studio; it’s been a busy summer of gigs, so it’s nice to have a little bit of downtime to get some new music written.
I’m working on some new Ben Coda material, as well as some new tracks for Nanoplex, my progressive techno live project with DJ Ipcress.
There are quite a few people who don’t really understand the tech and house music revolution. What would you say to them?
I think the key to understanding it is to go to a club/festival and experience the atmosphere there, and listen to it loud, that should give them a bit more of an idea of what it’s all about and the culture that comes with it. The vibe on a dance floor when it’s going off is untouchable.
What first got you into that genre of music? And what do you love about it?
I first got into it from listening to The Prodigy, Orbital and Underworld in the mid-nineties … I started going out to clubs in the UK and it went from there. I love the music first and foremost; the fact there are no boundaries with it really, and I’m constantly hearing sounds and ideas that I’ve never heard before.
I’ve always loved the culture, too. The festival scene in particular is really open and full of positivity, and I’ve made loads of really good friends through the scene.
What’s your ultimate party playlist?
Ah wow, there’d be so many tunes it’s hard to pick a selection, but it’d have to have some tracks from Orbital, Leftfield, Underworld, maybe Xpander by Sasha – that one never gets old. Newer stuff … some progressive techno from Perfect Stranger, Victor Ruiz, D-Nox and Beckers.
I’d probably slip a few Ben Coda and Nanoplex tunes in there too for good measure.
You’ve worked alongside some big names in the industry. Who’s been the highlight?
There have been a whole load of highlights over the years. I’ve had my music supported by a lot of the DJs that influenced me when I was getting into dance music back in the ’90s … Hearing Nick Warren drop my tune Crunch at Ministry of Sound, just after I’d released it, was awesome.
Did they share any words of wisdom with you?
One of the best bits of advice I’ve heard was from a Dave Seaman interview; he said, ‘Be nice to everyone’.
Have you played to an Australian crowd before? Do we like to party?
I lived in Sydney in 2006/7 and played a few gigs while I was there, and I also had a fair few mad weekends. In my experience, yes, the Australian crowd does like to party hard! I’m looking forward to getting down to a bit of partying myself when I come over for Rainbow Serpent.
You’ve got Rainbow Serpent Festival coming up soon. Are you looking forward to performing there?
For sure, I’ve heard loads of great things about it. It’s one of the top international festivals, so can’t wait to come over and perform there.
Is there anyone on the line-up you’re looking forward to playing with?
The line-up is looking great so far; a quality, diverse set of artists. I’ll definitely check out Marcel Dettmann and Lee Burridge, and of course Pena, who runs Flow Records, and Symbolic, who I know from working with Echoes Records.
And what can the festival punters expect from your set down there?
A rolling set of pumping progressive techno. I’ll be sure to have a load of fresh new tunes as well as some of my classic tracks.
While you’re in Australia, is there anything particular you want to go see/do?
I’m looking forward to hanging out with mates in Melbourne, and hopefully will get to travel a bit; will be great to go back to some of my old haunts in Sydney.
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything you’d like to add before we finish up?
Hope you guys all have a good few months and will see you on the dance floor at Rainbow Serpent!
When&Where: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton – Jan 23 to 26, 2015