Belmont’s Daniel’s Donuts has finally opened their storefront

Belmont’s Daniel’s Donuts has finally opened their storefront

Back in March, Geelong residents and Donut lovers went into meltdown when news broke that Daniel’s Donuts were opening up a Drive Thru in Belmont.

Taking over the old Hungry Jack’s on High Street, this new destination for doughy treats went gangbusters with cars lined up all the way down the street on opening day, selling out of the deep-fried morsels before 2pm.

Consistently attracting high numbers of customers over the past few months, the team have finally opened up the doors to the storefront, allowing customers to walk in and select their donuts of choice.

Before today, the shop was solely operating as a drive thru due to social distancing requirements, meaning customers only had a choice of five boxed varieties – refrigerated, non-refrigerated, vegan, fresh cream and jam, and original glaze and you weren’t able to mix it up… until today.

Now donut lovers can go wild and select any donut their heart desires, customising their own assorted packs – from the classics such as Nutella, and Fresh Jam and Cream, or creations like the Cookies and Cream, Snickers Custard, and Passionfruit Cheesecake. Whether you want just one sole donut or you want a 12 pack of assorted creams, you get to choose the flavours you love.

Alongside the donuts you’ll also be able to purchase fresh cannoli and hot pies direct from the store-front as well as milkshakes and hot coffee. There’s even a range of ‘Daniel’s Donut’s’ merch… because who wouldn’t want a novelty donut pillow or donut mug?

The drive-thru will continue to operate as normal.

Daniel’s Donuts is located at 85 High Street Belmont and open from 6am.