Belle Miners: Tales of a trio's upbeat sonic journey

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Belle Miners: Tales of a trio's upbeat sonic journey

Life-long friends, Canadian musicians Felicia Harding and Marina Avros, and Australian-based Jaime Jackett, combine dense vocal harmonies, clever lyrics and a liberating, joyous sounds through their music.
Coming off the release of their first album of shimmering sounds and awe-inspiring tracks, the trio have been in preparation for their upcoming Australian tour next month. Forté had the chance to chat to keyboard player and vocalist, Jamie Jackett.
Since its release the album, titled Powerful Owl, has been received with an overwhelming positive response, more than what the band originally expected and pulling off their first album and tour has been the biggest surprise of the past year for the girls. This is especially true for Jackett, who underwent major brain surgery to remove a tumour. Originally thinking she would have to step away from the band, she instead found support and encouragement within the group to continue, and embark on their first tour, followed by the release of the album which was a surprise in the very best way.
Part of the Belle Miners charm is the diversity of tracks in the music they create. This comes from each member of the band writing separately, often for their own projects, and bringing music with the right sound to the band to create a Belle Miners song. Jackett considers these differences a real “strength of the band”, accurately presenting the different personalities of the collective.
Although it is hard for her to choose, Jackett names ‘Strange Worlds’ as her current favourite song – or at least the one that has most recently been stuck in her head. She also names ‘Fall In Love With Me’ – the album’s first single – as a real crowd favourite. This particular song also means a lot to the band, as they started singing it together before even becoming a trio, playing a part in the initial formation of Belle Miners.
As for the upcoming Australian tour, the band are truly excited, as it’s the biggest thing they’ve ever put together with a huge range of dates across the country. Acting as an official album launch, there are several things for the band to look forward to, including a return to Ballarat.
Often attracting nurturing, lovely and well-rounded people – who they feel very blessed to play to – the future of the Belle Miners seems very bright and should be on your watch list for 2018.
You can catch the Belle Miners in Ballarat, Friday January 19 at The Printers Room.
Release: Powerful Owl is out now.
Written by Perri Digby