Being a Tourist In Your Hometown

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Being a Tourist In Your Hometown

Now that I’m back living in Australia, I’ve made an effort to change my perspective a little and look at travelling in a completely different light. It’s always way too easy to long for the exciting getaways to the exotic parts of the world, to the places that almost seem unreachable, or almost like they might not even exist, but what about your hometown? It might not seem that cool, or Instagram worthy, but it’s the place that’s always got your back, and I think it needs a little more credit and love than we care to give it.
We all know how expensive and time consuming travelling can be, so taking the time and putting your focus towards exploring your hometown is definitely worth doing. It’s cheaper, without the costs of flights and long stays in overpriced accommodation; so it will allow you to appreciate the place you call home, even more.
You’ll learn new things, discover hidden and exciting parts that you’ve never come across before, and you’ll be open to it all, because you love travelling!
It’s incredibly easy to do, too. Simply plan ahead, look into where you want to go, have a read online or ask around for people’s opinions; you’ll be amazed at how much information you’ll suddenly have.
You could rent a bike, go on a romantic date night, try new restaurants, head to the beach, go camping, or even skiing! It’s the simple activities like these, that will truly help you feel like you’re somewhere else in the world.
Keeping up to date with what’s on in your hometown will help. You could read up on people’s experiences on blogs online, or have a search for upcoming events on social media. Your city will most likely have a website, so have a read on there and see if there’s anything cool coming up. You’ll be amazed by how much goes on during the year. There could be a new café opening, an open mic night, a new pop up shop somewhere nearby, a wine or beer festival, a farmer’s market, or even a comedy show. The list goes on!
With all of this exciting exploring going on, be sure to have a camera nearby! Seeing familiar sights through a camera might encourage you to look at it with a different perspective. You might play around with unique shots, new angles and really see your town with a new set of eyes.
Walking around the familiar parts of town will help build up your confidence, and really make you feel like you’re at home. You could visit a favourite coffee spot, or spend some time at your favourite park. Visit those favourite places to really soak in the sights and sounds of home.
However, be sure to explore new areas, too! There are always new places for you, waiting to be discovered. You could head to cities nearby, or a place that’s a little more off the beaten track. Keep an open mind and they’ll be there, ready for you.
It’s amazing how much you can do without straying too far from your front door! Don’t be scared to play the tourist, it’s pretty fun!
Written by Katherine Reynolds / facebook/katthewanderer / @katthewanderer