Beer Bites: A Brief Look at Beer Use in Food

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Beer Bites: A Brief Look at Beer Use in Food

Beer is more than just a hop, malt and yeast based drink to have alongside your meal, it’s also often a good ingredient to have inside it. Here’s a brief look at the ways in which beer can improve your meals.

Chocolate Stout Anything: It’s surprising how good stout can taste with chocolate, and with brownies and cup cakes this is certainly the case.

Beer-glazed bacon: We’ve never personally tried it but it can only be a good thing.

Beer battered chips: This has become a pub and restaurant favourite all around the world, so go out there and get your share.

Beer-can chicken: Sometimes it’s a bit controversial seeing a chicken with a can shoved up its derriere, but looks aside the flavours it gives the chicken is one of a kind.

Irish Beef Stew: Throw in a bit of Guinness and you’ve got yourself a hearty winter meal. Many pubs, particularly the Irish ones, do a mighty fine Irish stew. Guinness beef pot pies are of a similar vein and equally delicious.

Cheddar & Beer: Whether it’s a dip or a soup, the pairing of these two surprising ingredients is a match made in heaven – when done well of course.