Become a seasoned BBQ pro with these tips from Big Moe

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Become a seasoned BBQ pro with these tips from Big Moe

Picnics and BBQs are in full force.

Socially distant BBQ’s in the park are the big thing for summer, especially while we can only have a certain amount of guests at our houses each day. With that in mind, Big Moe Cason, the king of the barbecue has provided his top five musts on making the ultimate barbecue to take you from amateur to seasoned pro (no-pun intended).

Seasoning makes it or breaks it
Seasoning is the most important thing to a brisket or ribs. Be sure to include Moe’s simple rub of salt, sugar, garlic powder and black pepper! Keep to the 8:5:2 ratio for a basic Texas rub. Eight parts of ground black pepper, five parts sea salt and seasoned salt and two parts garlic salt.

Brine for maximum flavour
If you are cooking chicken a basic brine is a great way to bring out amazing juiciness and texture. Make sure you get going a few hours before you are cooking! The brining process is a great way to retain moisture in the chicken so it doesn’t dry out *Hint- works amazing with chicken breast.

Timing is key
To keep to the famous ‘Low n Slow’, it is so important you prepare your barbecue ahead of time and give yourself enough time to let it cook. It takes up to 14 hours to smoke a 7KG piece of meat depending on what temperature you are cooking at. So, if you are planning to have a ‘Low n Slow’ barbecue at home, make sure you get it going way earlier than your normal grill style barbecue.

Know your meat
Knowing your cuts of meat and which types work better for Low n Slow is crucial. Fatty and tough cuts like brisket and beef ribs break down low and slow, whereas lean cuts like lamb leg won’t break down as well. If you don’t know or knowing meat cuts isn’t your thing, ask your local butcher! They can normally advise you on cooking methods to suit specific cuts.

Get saucy
With briskets, wings, ribs and all meats in between, you can’t go past a good sauce. If you are confident, a good old DIY can never go astray. Pick a saucy recipe and prepare it for your meat filled barbecue, it will not go unnoticed by your guests.