Beck: Colors

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Beck: Colors

True to his signature style, Beck’s 13th studio album, ‘Colors’, leverage’s his music into a different realm of his own untapped music potential. Beck delves into new musical territory with his pop-orientated album, arguably producing the most mainstream album of his career to date. Despite not being his area of expertise, he shifts into a new genre seamlessly. It seems that everything Beck dabbles in becomes audio-gold.

The exuberant new album, sharply contrasting his most recent melancholy release Morning Phase (2014), brings a completely new side to Beck that he has not yet disclosed, and is a spirited interjection into the post 2000s pop scene.

Alongside Greg Kurstin, who created pop hits with Adele, Kendrick Lamar and Lana Del Rey, it’s no wonder the album has meandered into a mainstream sphere, creating some of Beck’s best work. The title track, ‘Colors’, explodes into your ears with some groovy flute instrumentals and lyrics expressing the life altering experience of Beck’s spinal injury, including; “tell me, do you feel alive?” ‘Dreams’ offers punchy guitar hooks and melodies, whilst ‘Wow’ is reminiscent of his idiosyncratic hip-hop vibes of 90s funk. Beck sporadically loses himself within the album, which some uncharacteristic generic, insignificant lyrical content saved only by kaleidoscopic energy of the holistic album.


Reviewed by Mia Turnley